A female voice actor in cosplay form Kikui Daisuke is too free for a talk, "Hibikichi Lazio!" Public recording report

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.6", TYPE-MOON's"Magical boxWeb Radio "Crackle crackle!"Public recording of the work was done.

Main personality'sHonda Yoko(Hibi Hibiki role) andSendai EriIn addition to Ms. Katsuragi one thousand keys,Ayumi TsujiMr. (Suma Snao),Kishio Daisuke(Role of mobile phone) appeared in the guest, and it was advanced with a high tension mood all the while.

The state of public recording is from the following. A lot of people went to the Shinchochabashi Higashi Park and Shinchochigashi Bridge which became the venue and watching the situation.

Eri Sendai Eri (left) and Mr. Honda Motoko (right) appeared, the main personality greeted "Welcome to Hello!" Public recording began.

Next, guest Daisuke Kishio (third from the left) and Ayumi Tsuji (right) also appeared. As soon as Mr. Kishio appeared, "How is the first voice saying" Hello waffle ~! ", And so on from the beginning.

First of all, a "customer questionnaire" corner to ask questions for the guests. Mr. Kishio said that it is the third time to appear in this corner, but when asked "What's your favorite lunch box?" Is a strong answer to "Naked Young Girl !!" or "What is your hobby?" The figure that promptly answered "work!" As a question was impressive.

Also, Mr. Honda, Sendai, and Ms. Tsuji cosplay wearing the uniform of a coffee shop "Arnen Elbe" that appears in the works, but only the SUZO Snao that Mr. Tsuji plays is managed and made his own uniform Because it is a setting called a little skirt is short. Mr. Kishio who saw it showed the action to raise the table cloth and made him conscious of skirt turning, etc. Escalating various situations.

In the "community note" section reading the letter from the reader, the letter of the person who visited the venue of the public recording of the day was read out, and the scene to meet with the person who exchanged with Sendai on Twitter.

Then when you start talking ... ...

From the side the staff presented a mysterious paper bag.

The contents are a specialty product of Tokushima, which means that it will be a prize for those who answered correctly in the quiz, and all the performers will tinge.

Among the famous products that were included in various items, Mr. Kishio's attention was "How to dish out"

Although it says "This is pretty bad shape," it will not distract the gaze at all.

Mr. Kishio had searched for this baked grill before and he tried to try to upload it to blogs because the shape was too much, but he seems to have been stopped by a friend. Since such an item appeared in the place of public recording, it is also the first screen shouting "Staff ~!".

Four people respond to the topic, and the quizzes that points are included by the number of matches.

Mr. Kishio who seems to be stuck with Jojo standing why he liked "how it looks like" quite well without such a flow, putting it in a delicate position.

It seems to be funny.

Incidentally, it seems that Mr. Kishio's appearance left a strong impression on the audience, and some of the things that included his behavior were found in the content of the tweet after the public recording.

Twitter / @ Mizusawa: Honma Today Kishio Daisuke 's Simoneta was too funny wwww Hibiki Larazo It was fun ^ ^

Twitter / @ Fukasaka Mari: Hibikicha Radio finished! The bottomy story of Kishio Daisuke has not changed as usual, it was more terrible and more interesting ww

Twitter / @ Yuino: 【No matter how good the truth】 It would have been famous for the influence of crackle crack (Kanei Mr. Kishio) It was actually from Hiroshima

However, such a violent Mr. Kishio also participated properly in the quiz.

To the subject matter of "The character's motto of Mr. Tsuji acting with four letters of kanji", I make a prediction that "It is definitely a four letter idiom" and it is quite anything to go to borrow the wisdom of the audience.

And the answer that Sendai introduced was "Sake Alcohol."

Meanwhile, Mr. Tsuji who should have aimed at the same content, "BBQ set meal". It seems difficult to aim for a match ... ....

However, "After all it is solid!", Mr. Kishio made a response saying "Yakiniku set meal" and targeted for points with synchro in miracles.

After that, the quiz continued, and when everyone's heart began to become one with the keyword "ad lib", only Sendai answered "dribble" and the venue was surrounded with a roar.

Mr. Kishio Miyuki and Mr. Sendai surprised.

In the middle of that, public recording ends, waving hands to the audience above the bridge is a goodbye.

Although it was a high tension nori from beginning to end, it became a public recording in an at home atmosphere, so why did Mr. Kishio get excited so much how to eat something so much, in fact "Hibikichi Lazy!" Please listen and check it.

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