A burning CD data with high pressure current that shines like lightning, a movie that turns into a colorless and transparent disc

High-voltage current that travels in the air while making sound like bursting like thunderCDIt is a movie of dynamic CD data erasing method which destroys data to the level which can not be recovered with any latest technology by evaporating the recording surface quietly and quietly.

Although there may be any number of ways to erase data without having to take time to do so, CD after erasing data in this way can be saved as a beautiful and transparent plastic disk, passion for data erasure And even the craftsman's aesthetics.

Playback is from the following.YouTube - Erase CD with HV

A pale light like a lightning striking a rotating CD.

Keep approaching to the center of the CD while making sounds lively ......

Milkyway, we burn "CD" the surface of the CD, and the burned part will become transparent with aluminum bald.

In the end it was just a colorless transparent disk.

Although it seems that data restoration is impossible even if we have advanced advanced technology so far if it is completely erased so far, CD data is actually recorded by grooves on the plastic surface and glittering To glowaluminumThe layer reflects the light that passed through the decoy bark plastic and plays the role of a mirror to read that "there is such a decoy bob here" in the manner of reflection.

So, it seems there were some people who felt in doubt that "Although the aluminum layer was destroyed, is there still data left?", As seen from the movie, according to the uploading movie of the movie, it is "It is about the temperature to evaporate the aluminum The plastic layer is also meta-meta, there is no problem. " By the way, the boiling point of aluminum is about 2000 degrees Celsius,Polycarbonate(A plastic commonly used for CDs) has a melting point of about 250 degrees, and the thunder conduction path (thunder path) may be as high as 10 times the boiling point of aluminum.

The whole of "data erasing device" looks like this. Looking at the center back is a battery to rotate the motor that rotates the CD, and between the left and right high voltage generator and the CD there is a bigPotential difference, From the device to the aluminum layer of the CD so that lightning is attracted to the metalCurrentIt seems to be a mechanism that flows.

This is the same as thunderDischargeIt is a phenomenon. The second demonstration is also powerful.

Although it is common to use shredder etc. for data destruction of CD, even if this method erroneously erases important data even if this method,Production process before deposition of aluminum filmIt may be felt something fresh even on the CD which became colorless and transparent like the state like it is.

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