British gentleman who got fired with company for sin using Twining tea bag


In the company cafeteriaTwiningA woman who got a warning from the company by using a tea bag and finally became fired tells the things and the chest of things.

He was working at a retail store that sells food and miscellaneous goods, and it was forbidden to take out tea bags other than their own products from the store in company rules and drink it.

The type of tea tea bag has affected employee life, the unfortunate male episode is from the following.Shop worker sacked from Co-op 'for drinking wrong type of tea' | Mail Online

James Alden, 47, who had worked for 11 years at a retail store in Manchester, England, in the UK, witnessed his boss that he had two boxes of Twining tea bags when he was in the dining room one day He was warned in writing about it and was called to the disciplinary meeting.

In the company Alden worked for, "When drinking tea inside the company, we only allow fair trade products of our own brand to be brought out from the store", which means that I violated it. In the warning letter on the matter about tea it was stated that he should be punished for "embezzle by using the company's goods in advance in the dining room without paying fees".

The disposition was put on hold because another boss insured him, but in the subsequent survey he was a rule he had to write down the age of the person who bought it when he sells alcohol and tobacco I also received a written warning about having forgotten to record the age of 25 guests and was finally fired.

"It's really ridiculous to be fired just by making a mistake in the type of tea bag used in the company, I am surprised, I am surprised, I have been ill for 11 years and have never been late, Alden is unhappy with disappointment, though it should have been a regular employee ... ".

Regarding the mistake of confirming the age of customers who sold alcohol and alcohol which became the deciding factor of dismissal, I insisted that "I was paying close attention not to sell alcohol or alcohol to underage," and this time It seems I am not convinced at all for dismissal.

Four years ago, Mr. Alden exterminated the robbery that broke into the store and even had even been treated as a hero. However, I was touched by proposing to change the time card to the latest one, and he seems to be finding faults in order to find out why I am going to fight.

Mr. Alden says that he is not looking for a protest against his dismissal and he is looking for the next job because he can not help it.

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