Clearly the risk of heart attack increases after exercise or sexual activity

According to a study, it became clear that the risk of heart attacks increases after exercise and sexual activity.

Although I want to avoid those activities when listening to this, it is rather counterproductive, and it is recommended that researchers should exercise moderately regularly rather than sitting down.

The influences of exercise and sexual activity on the probability of heart attacks are as follows.Heart-attack risk spikes after sex, exercise -

A research result that the risk of heart attack increases within several hours immediately after exercise or sex, and that risk is tripled, "The Journal of the American Medical AssociationIt was announced in the magazine.

Although it is certainly frightening when I hear that the risk of heart attack increases three times, it is unreasonable to say that the possibility of causing a heart attack after exercise and sex is very low. The probability of causing a heart attack in a rested state is one millionth of a million, and even if it triples it is a much lower probability of 3 / 1,000,000. Therefore, if a person suffering from heart disease does not need to avoid sex, much less need to stop exercise.

"Obviously, we should not take the view that exercise and sexual activity are dangerous and harmful for this discovery, and the impact of exercise and sexual activity on the risk of heart attack is small," the study Issa Dahabreh medical doctor, who is also the author and is conducting clinical research at Tufts Medical Center in Boston · Massachusetts, warns as follows.

In this study, it was verified how much activity the subject performed about 1 to 2 hours raises the risk of heart attack, compared with the resting state. As a result of the study, after several hours of exercise, the danger of heart attack was increased about 3.5 times compared to normal condition, and the risk of sudden death by cardiac arrest was increased 5 times. Also, within 2 hours of sexual activity, the risk of heart attack was about 2.7 times. However, for subjects who regularly exercised during the experiment, the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest has decreased by 30 to 45%, so moderate exercise seems to help lower risk.

Various studies have suggested that physical activities including sexual acts trigger heart attacks and cardiac arrests, but the degree of risk has not been well understood. After the estimate was found in the course of the study, Dr. Dahabreh and co-author of the paper dated back to the 1980s and reanalyzed the data of 14 similar studies, trying to derive more accurate results.

If you see only the result that "exercise and sexual activity increases the probability of a heart attack", those who are spending days leaving us sitting down and wanting to lose are particularly "not good at heart, so let's stop exercising" You might think that. However, Dr. Dahabreh emphasizes that the probability of a heart attack occurring after exercise or sex is very low, and those who do not usually exercise will improve lifestyle practices to move the body as much as possible to reduce stress on the heart It is said that it should. As well as Dr. Dahabreh, the American Heart Association also recommends reasonable exercise as well.

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