I want to confirm before seeking a perfectly safe means, problems of existing alternative energy variously

Accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power StationThe view on nuclear power usage has changed dramatically worldwide, and attention to alternative means is increasing. Based on such circumstances, the Newsweek Rice paper lists past issues and other issues of various energy sources, from nuclear power to bioethanol and enumerates them.

Transitioning from a nuclear power to a good alternative for images seems to be the best means of solving energy shortage, but in reality all the available energy sources have some problems.

Everyone thinks that they want a safe and secure energy source that will not have a big impact on the surroundings like the accident this time, but it is easy to understand contents, the future energy I realize that it is necessary to think again about usage

From nuclear power to bioethanol, the problems of various energy sources are as follows.Is There Any Kind of Safe Energy? - Newsweek

1: Nuclear power

ByAndrea Kirkby

The entire world is watching over this incident where radiation was detected from the nuclear reactor around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. In the worst case, there is still the possibility that radioactive substances will scatter on the wind and endangering a very large number of people.

This crisis is a sufficient case to demand reexamination of nuclear policy in the United States. Most recently, Republicans and the Democratic Party rarely find common reasons as a reason for promoting the spread of nuclear power generation as a safe power generation means. Also, in the field of nuclear powerlobbyistWe are desperate to protect this industry.

In opposition to such political movements, American scientists are developing allegations that nuclear power plants in the United States need repair. Nuclear power which has kept its position as a "clean" power generation means so far may not be a major energy source.

2: Oil


About one year ago, an explosion at BP 's Deepwater Horizon, which had been drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico, triggered an outbreak of 5 million barrels of crude oil on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. In this accident eleven workers were missing due to the explosion, there are many areas polluted by crude oil, thousands of people who were mentally and physically influenced.

Five million barrels of oil continued to spout over the sea for as long as 86 days, the beautiful Mexican Gulf area was contaminated, the tourism industry was hit hard. Among the Americans, there seems to be many people who have trauma (psychological trauma) regarding this accident.

However, according to a certain questionnaire, 6 out of 10 people agree to re-drill oil off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and during the month the federal government approved the deep-sea mining permission It is. Even after experiencing a large-scale accident, is it no longer possible to reveal economic benefits and energy supply ...?

3: Coal


Just before the oil spill accident last year, the 29 coal miners lost their lives at the coal mine in Lorrie County, West Virginia, the coal industry was devastatingly hit hard.

Critics in the coal industry condemn the pollution of the environment by mining coal. Meanwhile, film crews of TV news have flocked to the mining accidents that occur regularly as if they were measured with a clock.

Last autumn, plaintiffs in total of 700 people, the largest company in the US handling coal "Massey Energy Company"And filed an appeal against polluting drinking water with toxic metals. Although Massey Energy Company denies charges, another major coal industry leader is in the state of West Virginia and several other states, four million dollars to solve the complaint of contamination of water by mining I am paid.

4: Wind power


There are many voices that wind power generation that does not emit pollutants and is not depleted will be the main force of the future energy industry. But there are data that animals probably will take the opposite position.

For the birds, a huge windmill at the wind farm is a threat, and the wind turbine in the Diablo Mountains of California, including thousands of birds such as ewash and aka-norris, is chopping thousands of birds annually And that. Recent research also seems to be happening that the sea whale, whose body length is about the same as the rhinoceros and whose weight is about the same as that of the bus, is confused by seeing the wind power generator on the sea and it is launched to the beach is.

Critics also point out that in countries where agriculture is difficult, the carbon dioxide emissions rate has not declined even with wind power generation.

5: corn


Biofuels like ethanol have gained in popularity around the time of the Bush administration as a new fuel that can counteract excessive crude oil consumption in the United States. However, the use of bioethanol, which is produced from corn, is not always nice.

Consuming corn as fuel means converting farmland into energy resources. If it becomes a reality, the price of food will jump while we see it. According to the 2009 government report, when using bioethanol, as compensationFood stampIt is warned that the government will need to pay a budget of approximately one billion dollars to purchase food for children.

Demo occurred in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen due to the concern that the spread of biofuels will further exhaust starved foods even more. The Algerian demonstration team cried out "Give me sugar!" And deployed a demonstration.

According to the United Nations, grain prices have reached the highest ever elevation, and one billion people suffer from hunger has reached 1 billion people. Under these circumstances, it is common to have cereals as energy sources There seems to be a problem.

6: gas


"Hydrofracking" is a method of taking out natural gas from underground using the power of water and chemicals. This technology spread from Pennsylvania and Colorado State to Northern New York.

Opponents to the use of gas including actor Mark Ruffalo argue that there is a risk that toxic radioactive substances and carcinogens may leach into soil and water supply in the course of taking out natural gas.

A documentary film released in 2010, which has become a very challenging content for the gas industryGasland"Josh Fox, commenting on health damage caused by fracking, includes trauma to the brain, respiratory disorders, and cancer.

Problems are spurting out in various ways to every means, but it seems necessary first to think about while considering the amount of energy that is really necessary and then how to get on it by categorizing multiple means .

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