Dentist who was dismissed due to fart and belching

During work I repeatedly farted and gapped in front of my colleagues and colleagues and smiled without laughing even if my colleagues took notice of me.Shropshire StateWhitchurchMatthew Walton, a 35 - year - old dentist. It is currently suspended, but it is highly likely that the dentist's registration will be canceled in April 2011, so it will not be possible to work as a dentist in the UK after that.

"It was smelly, smelly, I felt sick," one of the nurses says.

Details are as below.Farting dentist Matthew Walton 'was so smelly we felt sick' |

BBC News - 'Flatulent' dentist from Shrewsbury is struck off

Shropshire StateShrewsburyMr. Walton from origin received "accusation" of nurses of Whitchurch's dental clinic Green End Dental Practice who worked in October 2007,General Dental CouncilWe have been suspended due to the decision of 2007, and since December 2007 I have not worked as a dentist except one day.

The accused nurses sit beside their colleagues during lunch, fart and gaps, during the procedure fart even during treatment, V sign behind the disliked patient (in the case of palm inward in the UK Doing a very rude behavior in the meaning of "getting fucked" "disappearing"), looking down on elderly people and people with disabilities, discriminating patients by race or ethnic group, speaking out of patients who are out of work, saying " It is bad breath, saying that patient's ability to pay is suspicious, asking "show money" before suspected treatment, saying that the child who is scared of treatment is being held down "silence it" Mr. Walton Mr. Walton said he filed a complaint against the General Dental Council in October 2007 due to lack of hearing even if he gave a complaint.

Carol Stokes, one of the nurses, said, "The clinic is odorless and it feels bad, I was bad feeling It was really annoying but I seemed to think he was an interesting thing, so I complained I laughed away and repeated the fart again. "

Mr. Walton admitted having farted and burping in front of colleagues at receptionist and waiting room, but he said that he was not frequent and insisted that he had never done it before the procedure or in front of the patient. However, the General Dental Council suspended Walton as "it is necessary to stop dental practitioner registration immediately for the protection of citizens and the public interest," and in April 2011 unless there is further appeal in the future, the dental doctor registration Will be canceled and Mr. Walton is said to be unable to work as a dentist within the UK by law.

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