To overwhelm the referee the coach toss off the shirt and bare the upper body

In sports, there are scenes that excite not only spectators, as well as the players who are playing, directors and coaches who issue instructions, so some people are allowed to leave by the referee.

In the game played the other day in the Central Hockey League (CHL), one of the hockey's minor leagues, the coach who was dissatisfied with the judgment took off his neckties and jackets that were wearing too much anger, even the shirt, It turned out to be a formidable protest.

Details are as below.
Greg Pankewicz Strips During Tirade: Eagles Assistant Coach Ejected From CHL Game (VIDEO)

Adam Dunivan's Eagles blog - from the Reporter - Herald, Loveland, Colo., Newspaper

According to the news, in the game of Colorado Eagles and Mississippi River Kings, he is an assistant coach of EaglesGreg PankewiczMr. Chris Wilson judged by the trial was unreasonable, protested heavily, he tore off his clothes that he was wearing, and he became naked and was finally sent off.

One of the spectators photographed the situation at that time, and the movie has been uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube - Colorado Eagles coach strips

The animation starts from the place where the place is already making a big noise. Pankewicz 's coach is protesting heavily with stock of hockey.

The audience himself shooting this video seems to be quite excited.

It is meshing with the bench.

Eventually the coach threw the tie and threw it into the link.

In addition, I also strip off the jacket I wore.

To the feeling that throwing things that were around himself more and more.

Also start standing on the bench and taking off the shirt ......

I also threw it away.

A considerable anger is felt.

Eventually, the coach was sent off.

As a result of this action, the Pankewicz coach received a dismissal, a penalty was imposed while the amount was unknown, and the remaining regular season (14 games) suspended. About this, the team's local ColoradoReporter-HeraldAdam Dunivan, a sportswriter who plays eagles on paper, said, "The coach's action is indeed not good, but it did not directly address the wiremakers and it did not destroy the equipment. It is not that it took, the suspension of participation in 14 games is too bad. "

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