In order to eliminate speed violation the town of "speed" is renamed, its name also "Speed ​​Kill"

A small town named "Speed" in Australia changed the name of the town to "speed kills", that is, "speed kills people" to reduce reckless driving due to excessive speed It is planned to do.

Although it is a noisy name, it contains the intention to have more consciousness of sin against speed breach, now about 34 thousand supporters gather on the page on Facebook That is to say.

A bad traffic safety campaign that the town of a rural setting blew up is from the following.
Town changes name from Speed ​​to Speedkills | Reuters
Australian town becoming 'Speedkills' after Facebook safety campaign |

Australia's "Speed" town has revealed that there is plans to change the name of the town to "speedkills" to encourage safe driving.

"Speed" is a small town in the countryside of Victoria region, with only 45 residents. In order to reduce accidents in country roads and increase awareness of accidents caused by overspeeding, I am planning to change the name of the town in March 2011.

"I am aware that many people are acts that are not socially permitted with respect to drunk driving, but I am not so conscious of speed violations," TAC (Traffic Accident Committee) society Phil Reed, leader of the contribution department, says. "Our goal is to raise social awareness about speeding issues more."

In order to achieve the goal, we called upon the rename of "speed" through television, Facebook, etc. and raised the condition to execute renaming if 10,000 followers were obtained, but within 24 hours It means that we were able to get support of more than 10,000 people. For now, around 34,000 people on Facebook support this call. TAC's spokeswoman Sarah Henderson commented, "We hope that people running on the national highway will slow down speed and drive safe driving."

By the way Facebook page is here.

Rename Speed

BITREAccording to traffic accidents between February 2010 and January 2011, the number of deaths due to traffic accidents has reached 1329, which seems to have declined by 11.5% compared to the previous year, but we will further thoroughly drive safe driving It seems. Although it is said that the name expresses the body, I am wondering how effective it is for safe driving by renaming.

The state of the renowned town can also be seen in the following movies.

TAC Campaign 'Speed ​​Kills' on Vimeo

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