15 terabytes of memory · 2880 CPUs · What is the IBM super computer "WATSON" who is fighting against the strongest quiz king in history using the data of 200 million pages?

Twenty-five IBM scientists have developed for four years and have captured 200 million pages of text (equivalent to one million books) with the power to scan 2 million pages within 3 seconds, 15 terabytes of memory · 2880 pieces CPU loading "IBM POWER 750" Linux-loaded server 10 racks (size of about 10 refrigerators in size), 80 trillion calculations per second is a ridiculous supercomputer "WATSON".

Mr. Jennings, the strongest queen king of history to fight with this, boasts the 74th consecutive victory record, total prize money earned is over 2.5 million dollars. Another Mr. Ruther won 3,255,102 dollars, and this is another monster king who has been crippled. In other words, it is supposed to be done for three consecutive days from yesterday as a three-large monster great battle match "super computer vs quiz king vs prize money king", and at the end of the first day at the present time it is called "equalization" It is supposed to be.

That's why the real machine picture of this IBM made super computer "WATSON" and behind-the-scenes are from the following.
IBM - Watson

When it becomes possible for a computer to answer with a quiz show, it becomes like it seems "It will be over when you search on Google", so what a Watson is running offline, so recording a lot of data Yes, I will answer properly by voice.

The following is the actual picture of Watson.

The body is here


IBM logo


Watson is "DeepQA ProjectIt is part of research aimed at natural language processing / information retrieval / machine learning / knowledge expression / reasoning by artificial intelligence, automatic problem solving technology etc. It is based on machine learning inference, which is the biggest difference from a similar artificial intelligence project.

You can actually see how Watson is running in the following movie.

YouTube - Jeopardy! (Season 27.23-1) - Ken, Watson, & & Brad [Pt.1 of 2]

YouTube - IBM Watson: A System Designed for Answers

Watson is the first president of IBMThomas J. WatsonIt is derived from Mr. "In the first place, wanting to make Dr. Watson was our big goal ... Imagine where a doctor in Africa can access medical texts around the world through the cloudIt seems that the meaning meaning is also included.

A quiz show that will fight this time "Jeopardy!"Is a popular American quiz show that has been broadcast from 1964 to 1979, and from 1984 to the present. The rule is like this.

Each time three solvers (of whom one was the previous broadcasting champion) played against each other.

The problem will be qualified from 30 genres in total, from 6 genres announced by moderator Alex Trebec, 5 from $ 200 to $ 1000 (from $ 100 to $ 500 until 2000). The first question is randomly selected by the first answer, and from the second question, the answer who correctly answered in principle selects the problem. The higher the score is, the more difficult the problem is.

All problems are fast push format, if correct it adds the amount of the problem. Incorrect and timed (not answered within 5 seconds), the amount of the problem is subtracted.

Also, only one out of 30 boards is hidden by a board called "Daily Double". If you subtract this, the problem is given only to the person who got the answer. First you set how much you want to bet from your money (you can bet up to $ 500 regardless of your money). After that, if you answer the question, if the answer is correct, the bet amount is added, and if it is incorrect it is subtracted from the wager.

After 30 games in the first half of the game "Jupiteri Round" is over, we move to the 30th "Double Jopadi Round" in the second half of the game. In the Double Jopadi Round, the amount doubled to $ 400 - $ 2,000, and two more Daily Doubles are hidden.

When the Double Jopadi Round finishes, it moves to Final Jopadi of the final problem, but the solver who failed to earn $ 1 prize money by the end of the round is disqualified at that time and can not proceed to Final Jopadi. However, in the case of the Celebrity series, as a special case, $ 1,000 will be paid with $ 1 without prize money and you can proceed to Final Jepadi.

In other words, it is not a simple quick push quiz but a strategy such as a method of payment becoming necessary to win the final victory, indeed, acquiring nothing except the final winner Because it can not be done, in the past it seems that there was a case where you bet every dollar aiming at the self-destruction of the champion.

So this is the program actually broadcast.

YouTube - Jeopardy! (Season 27.23-1) - Ken, Watson, & & Brad [Pt.1 of 2]

YouTube - Jeopardy! (Season 27.23-1) - Ken, Watson, & amp; Brad [Pt.2 of 2]

The results on the first day are written in detail by AFPBB.

Human and computer crash confirmed with popular quiz show Popular photo: International News: AFPBB News

Watson, which has been developed at IBM's research center in New York in 2006 since 2006, is not connected to the Internet, it searches fast in multiple procedures, and it seems to be close to correct answer In percentage and answer the one with the highest accuracy.

Watson accumulated up to 4000 dollars (about 330,000 yen) at a stroke when the other two people were acquiring only 200 dollars (about 17,000 yen), but after that, the condition began to deteriorate and another answer Although it was a wrong answer by a person, I got the same answer and made a strange behavior.

Watson and Ruther, who won 5000 dollars (about 420,000 yen), were in the lead, and Jennings, who won 2000 dollars (about 170,000 yen), followed the first day.

It is important to know what will eventually become.

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