The possibility that the global top secret 'Coca-Cola recipe' was revealed from a surprising place emerged


There are a number of beverages named "Coke", the taste of "Coca-Cola" who became its original is different from other similar manufacturer's similar products, its recipe remains as a top secret for a long time as a mystery Although it was, it seems that the top secret recipe was found from a newspaper article 32 years ago.

American radio program "Thisamericanlife.orgAlthough it is clarified by the investigation by, "If this is a real recipe, it seems to be a major incident that shakes the drinking industry.

The history of recipe discovery is as follows.Is this the Coca-Cola recipe? | Mail Online

Ever since Coca-Cola was first made in 1886, the detailed recipe is the world's top secret, and only one original recipe in the world is strictly kept deep within the vaults of American banks It is speculated. Also, among the Coca-Cola companies it is said that only two people know their recipes.

However, the American radio program "Thisamericanlife.orgDeclared on the official website that he found a list showing the ingredients and amounts of Coca-Cola and succeeded in uncovering the secret that had been protected for about 125 years long.

In the photograph in the article of the local newspaper "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" of Atlanta which is the home town of Coca-Cola Company published in 1979, the thing in which the note with the recipe of Coca-Cola was photographed was found It is said that the recipe shown in this picture is considered to be the same as the one made by John Pemberton who produced Coca-Cola.

This is a picture of the problem. It is a scene like spreading out notes to a photographer.

For the special material used in addition to carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid and coloring agent (caramel coloring matter), in the column of raw material name written in Coca-Cola can, it is described as "natural origin derived from caffeine Flavor "is written. "" has asked Mark Pendergrast who is familiar with the history of drinking whether this recipe is genuine or not, and that this recipe got the guarantee that it must be genuine.

At the following link, it is reported that the sound of "" featured about Coca-Cola recipe in radio broadcasting and the appearance of Coke's tasting actually made according to the recipe. If this is true, perhaps the secret recipe that has been protected for many years will be widely known.

Original Recipe | This American Life

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