This time a great big tits female teacher appeared, the Android application 2nd bullet that can swim the boobs indefinitely

"It appeared at the beginning of this month"An Android application that allows you to infinitely sweat the boobs"Was released as early as 2nd.

As it is, the sexiest female teacher has become the main character this time as it is changing with the last lady as it is, as it is with a high function content as it is, it is now possible to unlock the big tits like it.

The demo movie manipulating the application is as follows.YouTube - Plurung application second bullet "Female teacher edition" Shaking boobs App 2 "Female teacher" ver.

Demo video started from the title "Plurung application 2nd bullet" Female teacher "edition" in the classroom's blackboard background.

When you launch the application, a sexy female teacher appears. By the way this female teacher is a manga artistMiura TakehiroIt is due to Mr. (※ viewing attention).

You can choose from 3 patterns as well as the 1st app for shaking your chest. First of all, even if you do not do anything, your boobs will shake without permission "Always shake"

Busty continues to shake swaying.

Then, touch the boobs with your fingers Play "Slide the screen to shake"

If you slide your finger all the way from the left to the right, your left and right chest grows thick.

Now let's go down from the top down.

Push your boobs tightly downward with your fingers and force yourself up, then shake it a little when you release it.

The last touch touching to jump up from the bottom to the top. Like the first demonstration video of the application, a beautiful woman female shining nail art shows brilliant operation.

And the third is to shake the Android terminal, shake the boob and shake the boobs "shake the terminal to shake"

Shaking the main body ......

The female teacher 's boobs will shake in a jolt when it stops, as it senses the shake.

When you shake with the snap of the wrist, it senses a strong shake and swings the chest at a fairly high speed.

I am trembling quite intensely, but I think that the direction that I saw in the movie will convey the realism again.

You can also switch the screen horizontally and vertically.

In the Android Market it seems that you can find it as soon as you search "Plurun".

By the way, the purchase page of Android Market will be below. Android users that sexy-type sister likes better than a clean lady may try buying it as a trial.

Purunun application second edition "Female teacher" edition - Android Market

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