Sudden death of 200 cattle that occurred in Wisconsin State, elucidation of the cause

America'sWisconsinOn a farm house in January 14,200 dead cattle diedI was discovered.

The farmers twist their heads, conspiracy theorists pounding their hearts, based on the long-term calendar of the Mayan civilization2012 humanity ruin theoryIt seems that up to the eschatologists who tied up to make a fuss,University of Wisconsin-MadisonVeterinary medicineists have unraveled the mystery. The culpritsweet potatoAnd that.

Details are as below.Study: Cows done in by bad spuds (Jan. 28, 2011)

WisconsinPortage CountyStocktonIt is a farmer covered with snow, and on January 14, 2011 200 bovines were found dead.

As bovines showed symptoms like pneumonia, it was suspected that viral pathogenic bacteria causing respiratory diseases were suspected but in the examination by the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Institute attached to the University of Wisconsin Madison,Bovine herpesvirus·Bovine virus diarrhea virus·Cattle respiratory syncytial virus(Bovine respiratory syncytial virus)CoronavirusIt is said that such pathogens were not found.

So, what is the cause? I heard that massive death of bovine this time can be explained by "Eating potatoes that grew mold". From the sample of the feed Ipomea Nol calledMycotoxin(Toxin produced as a secondary metabolite of mold) was detected, and from the clinical symptoms and dissection results of bovine, the results of the examination at the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and other research institutes, It is concluded that the sweet potatoes that occupied the majority were caused.

In agriculture it is not uncommon to make foods that are too old for human beings to eat or foods that have got molds to feed for animals. The sweet potatoes which mold this time was also not circulated for human consumption, so it is said that human health will not be damaged.

Sweet potatoes which mold grows and Ipomea nor is produced seems to have black spots on the surface, and under the spots turns to greenish black as it cuts. There is strong bitterness, it seems that it is rare that humans do not notice, but sweet potatoes should be kept so as not to grow molds.

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