Mad cow disease pathogen "abnormal prion" is discovered for the first time from the wild reindeer


Cow's spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) is an abnormally prion "protein whose protein is mistakenly folded and abnormal, and it is regarded as a pathogen, and sheep other than mad cow diseaseScrapieIt is thought that degenerative diseases such as degenerative disease and human Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease are caused by abnormal prions. When it comes to prion diseases, it affects the nervous tissues such as the brain, but abnormal prions have been discovered for the first time in history from the body of the wild reindeer in Europe.

Deadly animal prion disease appearing in Europe: Nature News & amp; Comment

It is a kind of prion diseaseChronic wasting disease(Chronic wasting disease (CWD)) has been thought to be a disease that infects deer such as elk and moose that inhabits North America and South Korea. But in April 2016, a wild reindeer in chronic wasting disease in Norway was discovered. According to Christina Sigurdson, a pathologist at the University of California, there are cases where reindeer in the experimental environment has suffered chronic wasting disease in the past. However, it is the first time in history that chronic wasting disease is found in Europe, and this time it seems that this case is the first time that a reindeer of the wild suffered a chronic wasting disease.

I found a reindeer with chronic wasting disease, a research group of Sylvie Benestad and Turid Vikøren who are studying animal diseases at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Norway. A group of research by Benestad et al., Who was riding a helicopter to follow the herd of reindeer living in the alpine belt in northern Norway found a reindeer weakened soon, after that the reindeer quickly ended dead It is said that. I brought back the reindeer and deconstructed the brain and found that the presence of abnormal prion was confirmed in all three different antibody tests.

The brains of the anatomized reindeer are the following, the size is about 15 cm. Click on the image to remove the mosaic.

It is not known whether chronic wasting disease suddenly developed only on one reindeer, or whether infection has spread to other individuals already. Sigurdson said, "If the chronic wasting disease of reindeer is the same type of deer as prick disease of deer found in the United States and Canada, it is very difficult to find wild reindeer already infected, It tends to be overlooked often until I do it. "

As with other prion diseases such as bovine mad cow disease and human Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, chronic wasting disease is a disease in which protein is bent due to shape abnormality, and involves healthy proteins around. Symptoms such as heavy weight loss, abnormalities in muscle movement matching, and strange behavior can be seen as folded proteins are formed by brain and other organs. Currently there are no cures or vaccines for prion diseases.

Chronic wasting disease is not transmitted to humans, but deer caused by chronic wasting disease is said to be very infectious disease because deer type prion in the body is discharged from the saliva and manure from the body. Deer, a chronic wasting disease, has been discovered in more than 20 states in the United States and 2 areas in Canada in the past. In Korea it has been discovered that moose which was imported for aquaculture in the late 1990s is suffering from chronic wasting disease.

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I do not know the reasons why the reindeer of chronic wasting disease was discovered in mountainous areas in Norway. Mr. Vikøren sees that the possibility of illness inflow from other countries is low and speculates that the disease occurred spontaneously or was infected by a sheep of Scrabie's disease.

Glenn Telling, who is studying prion diseases at Colorado State University, says, "Where the chronic wasting disease occurred in Norway was a problem." According to Telling, when chronic wasting disease spreads to new land, it is difficult to eradicate. The research team is planning to further investigate whether other wild reindeer in Norway is suffering from chronic wasting disease.

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