Spies like cats hiding in everything behind


It is a picture that looks like a spy activity, hiding in an unexpected place around human beings.

If you look at the washroom and curtain gap, and finally hiding in underwear, it seems even that humans no longer have a place to escape.

The cats hiding in various places are from the following.007 Cats | My Funny Pets

A secret cat on the other side of the sofa. I do not want to let go of the human being rumbled.

If you are going down the stairs with a sleepy eyes, it seems that you will be attacked by cat spies who are hiding behind the stairs.

A line of sight gazing at this from the sink. I carelessly wash my face.

Even a toilet, a space that no one can disturb, sneaks into the cat spies without mercy.

It looks as if it is wearing rain cake, it is wearing a plastic bag completely.

Peeping from the broken paper bag is cute.

I only got a glimpse of my ears that I am hiding.

Carbonated drinks of your choice "Dr PepperI'm dragging in the box of. It may be the point where the emptying tail is.

It is hiding behind a cylindrical curtain. I hide the head and the tails I can not hate where I can not hide.

A kitten looking upward meaningfully. It is very strange why he is getting into such a place ......

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