"2channel" is temporarily destroyed, the thread is torn out by a leak of cap leaks · large deletion

The bulletin board "2channel" caused a lot of threads to be arbitrarily set up or deleted.

With 2 Channels, deletion of threads and postings has the right to delete only selected deleted persons, and it is restricted so that nobody can create threads arbitrarily in "Breaking news +" Although it seems that it has got into a big confusion rarely seen in recent years due to the deletion script and leakage of "cap" ID and password with thread creation authority.

More details are below from what is happening.
Welcome to 2 Channel Message Board

I think that there are not many people who do not know "2 chan" now, "2 chan" is a giant bulletin board group formed by a lot of bulletin boards gathered, called "board" divided for each theme It is formed by a collection of threads (bulletin boards).

On many boards, users can freely make threads, but in the breaking news and the like everyone can create a thread can create a chat conversation that has no relation to news, so people can be set up It is limited. It is a human being called a reporter with "cap".

It seems that the incident had been ongoing since the morning of January 6th. At first it was only saying "log of deleted person was found", but from this point ID of deletion person and deletion script are discovered. By analyzing this script,It turns out that thread can be deleted without ID or pathTo do. Normally, only a person called a deleter can erase a thread, can not be deleted by a general user, but by using this "Tool that can erase the thread of all board"Was released around 16 o'clock. As a result, disorderly deletion of the thread is done in the news bulletin board and it falls into a devastation state.

After that, cap script pass data leaked because this script was able to process cap setting. By around 17 o'clock, the damage spreads from the news bulletin board to other threads, causing thread sprawl and arbitrary thread stop / deletion etc will be done.

Damage also to the Download board, YouTube board, etc. In the regulatory discussion board, the situation revolves around in 2004 also occurred. There seems to be a case that it was rewritten to make page transition when accessing a thread, tweet which calls not to access 2 ch spreads on Twitter.

Twitter / IT security information: [Urgent: warning] 2 ch administrator account (precisely cap) leaked. We also confirmed unintended page transitions.

Currently, the management side who noticed this confusion temporarily stops the cap function, and expansion of damage seems to be suppressed. However, the breaking news board that should have been visible in the evening has disappeared.

【2channel finish】 Cap's path leaked and deleted thread all you want: Unlimited 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

Also on 2 Channels in 2007A reporter's cap leak occurredAt this time, countermeasures were taken within just 1 hour from the discovery of the cap leakage, damage was suppressed by part of the artist 's bulletins and boards.

BIG-server.com, which provides servers for 2ch, conducted a server survey in response to the report of the cap leakage, but even though the server was out of order, the server was working without any problems.

Press release 2 Channel devastation

レンタルサーバーの BIG-server.com(http://server.maido3.com/:北海道)は、2ちゃんねる様(http://2ch.net/)でキャップ漏れが原因と見られる騒ぎが発生し、2ちゃんねる掲示板が壊滅しているとの情報を入手しました。
We received a report from BIG-server.com and immediately investigated the server, but it was successful without any problems, such as thunder bird (raicho.2ch.net) and pigeon (hato.2ch.net) which is a hybrid server I confirmed that it is working.
Thanks to the leakage of the cap, the thread became a turbulence on the "Breaking News +" board and the rise in the server load was also anxious, but due to the high access processing capability such as SSD, the CPU usage rate was about 40 to 50% It was confined and writing on the thread also continued without problems, so I could confirm that the hybrid Banana server still has plenty of room.

Hybrid Banana Server

At BIG-server.com, we will continue to make new challenges every day so that we can continue to provide high performance servers that can respond to unforeseen circumstances such as cap leaks.

By the way, the act of using this leaked cap's pass prohibits illegal use of ID and passwordUnauthorized Computer Access Prohibition ActThere is a possibility that it corresponds to, so if you see such a list never use it.

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