"HTC Evo shift 4G" compatible with WiMAX and CDMA 2000 is officially announced, Android smart phone with full keyboard

From the database established by the US Patent and Trademark Office in November last year,HTC applied for a new trademark "HTC EVO SHIFT 4G"It was thought that a successor to the Android smartphone "HTC Evo 4G" that corresponds to both the next generation high-speed communication service "WiMAX" and the third generation mobile phone "CDMA2000" appears, Finally the official announcement was held.

Details are as below.
Sprint Newsroom | Sprint's 4G Leadership Extends into 2011 with Introduction of Second Generation of Industry-Leading 4G-Capable Devices

According to the press release of the American mobile phone company "Sprint", the company is said to release the Android 2.2 smartphone "HTC EVO SHIFT 4G" which HTC made WiMAX and CDMA 2000 supported from January 9. The main unit price is 149.99 dollars (about 12,300 yen) in the case of 2 years contract.

This is the body of "HTC EVO SHIFT 4G". Qualcomm's second generation Snapdragon processor "MSM7630" which drives at 3.6 inches multi-touch compliant liquid crystal and 800 MHz, 5 million MB memory, 5 million pixel camera supporting 720 p HD movie shooting, sliding QWERTY keyboard, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.1, Wireless LAN compatible with IEEE 802.11 b / g / n, electronic compass, acceleration sensor, GPS etc. are carried.

The back is like this. Also supports battery pack replacement.

It has volume key and microUSB port on the left side.

I deployed the QWERTY keyboard. Because comfortable character input becomes possible, is not it happy for heavy users such as Twitter and SNS?

The body size of "HTC EVO SHIFT 4G" is about 116.8 mm × about 58.4 mm × about 15.2 mm and weighs 167 g. Detailed specs are posted below.

Sprint Newsroom | HTC EVO Shift 4G fact sheet

By the way, KDDI, which is the only company in the country deploying the CDMA2000 third generation mobile phone service, corresponded to the mobile WiMAX service developed by subsidiary UQ CommunicationsWe admit that it is a policy to launch "WiMAX-equipped smartphone"Is there a possibility that "HTC EVO Shift 4G" will be released for Japan ...?

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