High school student who came to see first sunrise is drunk in high waves

Early in the New Year, the elderly who clogged the rice cake in the throat died or the climbers slipping down that the climbers slipping down that the first sunrise came to see, but in Ibaraki prefecture Kamisu city, come to see the sunrise An accident happened that two high school students who were doing were drunk in high waves. One of them went up to the shore by himself, but the other was missing.

It seems that the person who came to see the sunrise as well as the moment when this accident happened was taking a picture by chance. The moment when the accident happens really means "Ah ...", and you can feel how hard it is to go to help as you look at the height of the waves.

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YouTube - Kamisu sunrise accident 1

A beautiful sunrise.

When the camera is pulled toward you, you can see the appearance of two men at the beach. The high school student group said that six people came to see the first sunrise, two of them went above the levees.

Where it came up to the levee ... ...

A high wave arrives and my legs are taken away.

Two people who fell into the water.

I managed to return to the embankment somehow, but the waves are hard and can not rise so easily.

However, although I am struggling, I am scared of seeing it even if I am playing in the water if I do not know that.

The picture is pulled as it is, it will end once.

The second movie is here.

YouTube - Kamisu sunrise accident 2

The scene changes, and the figure of three people is reflected. One of the two people reflected in the previous image, one got up to the shore by himself, but the other one seemed to have been washed away, one of the friends who remained on the quay I just headed for help. The one on the left is the figure of a friend who went to help, the two on the right are the surfers headed for further help.

The surfer arrives to the man, but the waves are quite high and the figure disappears.

Somehow 3 people join.

A big wave comes over and swallows the figure of three people.

However, three people steadily approaching the shore.

Safely, secondary distress was prevented. However, the boys high school student who first fell to the sea has yet to be missed.

The accident in this Kamisu is introduced in the first half of this news.

YouTube - accident male died in the sunrise sightseeing etc. High school student is unknown (11/01/01)

The police arrived and they are doing field verification, but it is quite a wave height.

According to the news, they seem to have approached the embankment as a test of heartbreak.

Also, there was a wave warning on site. If you are not doing a job related to fishery, you may not realize the fear of wave warnings, but it is an accident that shows how terrible waves are ... ....

Incidentally, similar accidents occasionally occurred, and even in Kaita's embankment in Wakayama Prefecture, which was in the stormy area of ​​typhoons in 2006, three men who were playing with the chest tested this time, We are experiencing the case that it gets rubbed by. At this time, two people were rescued because there was a person accidentally photographing this situation and immediately informed 119. One person is missing.

Incident and accident information in the pipe(Case of "Tankan falls" of Tanabe Wakayama branch on June 21)

The news video at that time is here.

Men who seem to be playing with a splash of water.

A strong wave comes over there ... ...

I was drunk by the waves. Three black shadows appear right on the screen, but this is the figure of the men who are being swept away.

Because this embankment is dangerous, it was a place where entry is prohibited when a typhoon approaches or when issuing a tsunami / high wave warning notice.

The strength of the force when the waves are pulled is considerable. Since there are reasonable reasons for where it is prohibited to swim and swim, let's not ignore warnings, thinking "I am okay" etc.

January 6 postscript:
A corpse of a male high school student who was missing was found on the coast 10 km south of the scene. It is believed to be drowning.

High wave 3 unknown high 3, discovered by the remains of the Ibaraki coast - MSN Sankei News

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