How to download free commercial-use paid site template file from "ThemeForest"

Sites that users can charge for site templates created by themselves and themes for CMS such as WordPress for a fee or conversely sites where users can purchase these files are "ThemeForest"is. At the moment there are more than 3,300 paid templates and CMS themes, all of which are quite professional and incredible quality, but there is a way to get such a professional-level site template for free, so I tried it .

In addition, you can get paid files free of charge, such as PHP mail form, royalty-free BGM · texture file · Project file of AfterEffects · 3DCG model · Flash file · tutorial file using Photoshop. When I actually tried it this time, I got the file of more than 5000 yen in total in zero yen.

The procedure is as follows.
Premium WordPress Themes and Web Templates - Theme Forest

It's simple, just do user registration that you can do for free. You can download a template file that is distributed free of charge only once a month.

This is December 2010.

Site Templates - Robust - 5 in 1 Business and Portfolio Template - Theme Forest

It is a template that makes 12 dollars if you buy it with money and it's a pretty nice template that you can easily professional look at corporate official websites for business and portfolio sites for free active individuals It has become.

Switching between sliders (fancy transition, cycle slider, coin slider, and fancy transition slider) and portfolio page in grid format and list format, switching between various colors (red, blue, orange, green, violet), tab navigation , Sexy drop-down menu, check form with checking function by AJAX, template of 10 different pages, layout using lightbox with full page width, IE 7 · IE 8 · Firefox · Opera · Safari · Chrome Display confirmed, XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 OK, code is properly commented, easy to customize, more properly layered PSD files are also bundled, honestly, pretty much messed up reference . It makes me feel like "Can you really download this kind of thing for free?"

How to registerThemeForestGo to the top page of the page, click "SIGN UP" in the upper right

Last Name "," Your Email "in" Re - Type ", a user name for login to" Username ", a password for login to" Password "and" Re - Type " After entering, please check, enter alphanumeric characters displayed in the capture, click "Create Your Account" to complete.

Since the confirmation mail arrives at the mail address, click on the URL in the text to access it.

Then the authentication is completed like this, so click "MY ACCOUNT"

I was able to log in like this

laterFree file distribution pageIf you click the button that says "Download it for free!", ZIP file (about 5.91 MB this time) will start downloading by haste.

By the way, this user account we created this time is "ThemeForest" which operates "EnvatoIt can also be used at other sites owned by. And since all the management policies are basically the same, a file which can be downloaded free for now is rolling on each site though it is usually charged.

First of all, we sell various components of Flash "ActiveDenIn the case of December 2010, "Three Christmas mini cardsYou can get a $ 6 file for free.

Selling royalty-free BGM and sound effects etc. "AudioJungleIn the case of December 2010, "Cosmic IllusionYou can download the 14 dollar file for free.

PHP · JavaScript · ASP.NET · Java source code file downloadable "CodeCanyonFrom "Simple PHP Contact Form"You can get a 3 dollar mail form for free. It is also possible to check content, set required items, prevent spam, display posted sub-queue message page and transmission success page, point out when there are unfilled items, etc., necessary functions are almost available It is feeling.

"After Effects project files, loops, movie materials etc. are selling"VideoHiveIn "Rainbow Reveal"A $ 8 file called" Free "is available.

Selling photoshop PSD files, vector format files, icons, add-ons etc.GraphicRiverIn "COLORFUL textures packAssorted assortment of 12 textures (2750 × 2240) called 7 dollar files can be downloaded for free.

Sales of 3D models · textures · materials etc.3DOceanIn "Delicious Donuts Models"Cinema 4D created, 3ds · .c4d · .obj file, 10 dollars in total, this can also be downloaded for free.

Selling various tutorials and e-books "Tuts + MarketplaceOkay.Create a Big Air Event PosterA $ 4 tutorial is distributed free of charge.

If you sum up all, you get $ 12, +6, +14, +3, +8, +7, +10, +4, $ 64, about 5,300 yen for free.

In January, the free distribution files of each site are updated again, and if you visit each site you can get a new free download file, so if you download from one end as a reward for yourself instead of a senior guard you can somewhat benefit You may feel like it.

◆ Actual purchase procedure

When going around like this, you may find a nice file with the feeling that "this is pretty good, it can be used for work". When purchasing a paid template file, it is convenient to make a deposit in advance using a credit card. First click the "DEPOSIT" button in the upper right.

This time I decided to deposit 30 dollars. After choosing the unit to deposit, choose PayPal or by paying by credit card. I will recognize Japanese credit card properly, so I decided to pay via this time. Select "Japan" and click "Purchase".

Wait for a while as it will be forwarded to

Enter credit card information in alphanumeric characters and click "CONFIRM AND PAY"


Since the credit card used this time was Mitsui Sumitomo VISA card, please input "Vpass password" as VISA authentication and click "send"


I returned to the site.

If you click "MY ACCOUNT" and you see "History", you can see that it is possible to use 30 dollars properly.

This time I decided to download this $ 30 template file. Click "Purchase".

Click "Buy with Prepaid Credit"

If you click "OK" it will be done by haste

It is transferred to "Downloads", and it is downloadable in this way, so clicking will start downloading. It seems that Amazon S3 is used as a file storage location, and the download speed is about 400 KB / sec.

So, when you notice, why somehow it seems to have been caught by a food called "free", but there are many things that can be used with quite high quality, just watching it without purchasing "This is amazing "We have things to be helpful for that, so it's recommended because you can have fun just by going round the inside of the site with the window shopping mood.

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