Full of thrusts, photographs processed considerably boldly in Photoshop Various 2010 edition

When I processed photos using Photoshop, it was various pictures that became obviously unnatural.

"Arms and legs are stretching" "When the commemorative photos were synthesized, the size of the face unnaturally" "When connecting the face and body of a different person, it was supposed to be ridiculous", such as plunging It is full of contents.

Details are as below.
First of all, the picture of the Middle East peace talks held in September. President Obama 's President should have been walking in the center, but in the press done in EgyptProcessed into a picture whose head Egyptian President Mubarak was in the last rowIt is being done.

Poster of overseas affiliates of Shiseido. What on earth is the right foot of this woman ......?

Package which forcibly synthesized face picture of actress, Alicia · Silverstone. The body seems to belong to another person, resulting in a very unnatural result.

Although it seems to be a commemorative photo, the face behind the left is too big to see.

Although it is thought that it is a concept of "mysterious photograph that synthesized hand with pregnant woman", although it is not a processing error, it is somewhat visually scary content.

It is where I am concerned about where the right leg grows from.

There are six fingers, but this is a place where it is difficult to judge whether there are really six naturally-occurring fingers or a mistake in processing by this photograph alone.

A woman whose neck is too long

The left foot is as if it is broken.

It is thought that many beautiful legs that are slender and stretched are what they want, but why not everything elongate too much? However, it may be a woman with a really overwhelming proportion, so perhaps it is not a mistake in production.

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