I tried "Premium Mitsuya Cider Setouchi Lemon" which used winter seten lemon in winter

I bought it immediately because "Premium Mitsuya Cider Setouchi Lemon" was newly released from "Premium Mitsuya Cider" series sticking to the seasonal domestic fruit juice developed by the "Mitsuya Cider" brand.

Press releaseAccording to the use of lemon juice harvested on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea among domestic lemons, a gentle taste with a balanced acidity and sweetness, such as lemon being pickled in syrup with leather, and a refreshing feeling with strong carbonic acid I can enjoy it. It is where the taste is concerned, what kind of finish it is.

So, the actual appearance and taste of "Premium Mitsuya Cider Setouchi Lemon" is from the following.Premium Mitsuya Cider Setouchi Lemmon | Mitsuya Cider | Carbonated Drinks | Product Information | Asahi Beverages

This is the bottle this time. A lot of lemons are designed on the label.

On the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, from the Taisho Early periodLemonProduction is being carried out, now more than half of all shipments are produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, and these domestic lemons are said to be in season from December to March.

The premium series is released for a limited time.

The carbonation is strong, and the fruit juice is 1%. Although I often see notations such as "carbonated beverages" and "micro carbonic acid", it is somewhat rare to call themselves "strengthen" themselves.

A unique "Fresh Quality ProductionIt is said that it is manufactured with. The fresh quality manufacturing method seems to be a manufacturing method that minimizes the heat treatment process by omitting heat treatment to be performed after filling and sealing after manufacturing fruit juice containing carbonated beverages and makes it difficult to damage the aroma component of fruit juice.

Raw material indication.

Nutrition information table.

At the moment of opening the cap, a strong lemon scent blew along with the sound of a push.

I poured it into a glass. Because lemon juice is contained, it is white and muddy. When I drink it, the fragrance of lemon is very clearly felt, but the sourness is not so strong, it fits well with sweetness unique to Mitsuya Cider and it is easy to drink. Although carbonation was said to be intense, it does not feel so intense, it feels easy to drink as a throat is refreshing. It is slightly different from the image of Mitsuya Cider, but it is well-balanced taste as a single drink, and it seems to be recommended for those who like lemon flavor.

I ordered it with ordinary Mitsuya cider. In comparison with drinking, the sweetness seems to be stronger in the normal version as well. For those who feel that a normal Mitsuya cider is a bit too sweet, Setonai lemon may be comfortable. On the contrary, those who seek sweetness "Mitsuya Cider the PremiumMay suit your taste.

"Premium Mitsuya Cider Setonaiko Lemon" which makes a good contrast with the traditional Mitsuya Cider with a refreshing taste, but just wanting to drink in the summer, just as a refreshing flavor. After all, can not you fully express the fragrance of Setouchi lemon when it comes to summer?

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