Is this a dog? Is this a picture? And amazing beauty dogs that doubt for a moment

British photographer who seems to show us the different beauty from the usual way by cutting off the beauty that dogs have released as far as something that looks like a painting just like a dog by just looking at it at first sightTim FlachI will introduce the work by Mr.

The super beautiful pictures of the beautiful dogs are from below.Absolutely Amazing Dog Photos from Tim Flach

It is this object that looks like a mop ... ...

It is an undeniable dog. Everyday like this, you might be cute if you come across as "Welcome back!"

This is black.Common dollIn the breed of dog,DreadIt seems that hair like this is not permanent but it will be naturally like this.

Have you shot from under the glass?

"101 doggiesFamiliar withDalmatianA puppy.

It may look like a painting but it is a picture. Is not it a pretty beautiful dog?

This dog is cute.

It looks like the same dog, but when it is at rest and when it is moving it looks differently.

A pose that seems to be saddening like you are meditating.

It looks like it suffers. Dogs may not think about anything, but people who are looking at project the various emotions on the expression of the dog.

Face up.

A dog is really expressive animal.

In addition to studio shooting, Tim Flach is doing shooting to bring out the beauty of dogs at various locations.

TopiaryThere are things that can communicate with Poodle.

An actress-style cut in the 70's.

This face isMalteseIs it? Doraemon was actually a dog ... maybe it's a splendid roundness.2010 November 30 16:35 postscript:As indicated by readers, this dogBichon FrizeIt is said that it is a variety.

Cut the dragonfly.

These pictures were published in October 2010 "Dogs: GodsIt is gathered up in a photo album called "Hello! In addition to this, you can see many of Tim Flach 's works from the following sites.

Tim Flach Photography

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