Mobile repeater capable of using WiMAX as a fast router, "Aterm WM 3500 R" with the longest 8-hour drive in Japan

Although mobile phones companies are developing "mobile wireless LAN routers" that will allow you to use the Internet with various wireless LAN compatible devices, the problem is the battery duration by all means.

Naturally, the longer the driving time the better the usability, but NEC today announced the new mobile WiMAX router "Aterm (Worm 35M)" which realized the longest 8-hour driving in Japan.

By doing thisHigh-speed communication service "UQ WiMAX" with downlink maximum of 40 Mbps and uplink maximum of 10 MbpsIn addition to becoming able to use gun guns without worrying about the battery, it is a model that attracts attention to batteries, such as corresponding to rapid charging.

Details are as below.
Mobile WiMAX router "AtermWM 3500R" released (November 10, 2010): Press release | NEC

According to NEC press release, the company is planning to release a thin and light mobile WiMAX router "Aterm WM 3500 R" from late November 2010.

"Aterm WM 3500 R" has a lithium polymer battery realizing continuous communication of up to about 8 hours which is the longest driving time in the country, and is used as a spare external power source by rapid charging of about 3.5 hours and "Enelo mobile booster" It corresponds also to doing.

Also, there are a function to automatically turn off the power when wireless LAN communication is not performed, a function to stop the wireless LAN function when connecting with a personal computer with a USB cable, a POWER lamp The function to turn off other LEDs, such as a function to reduce power consumption, also features a "long-life charging function" that extends the life of the built-in battery by about 1.5 times or more by suppressing the load on the battery by full charge .

This is "Aterm WM 3500 R". We realized thin and lightweight compact size of 14.8 mm in thickness and 120 g in weight, adopting a luxurious design of metallic shimmer and gloss finish. Three color variations (mars red, silky white, platinum black) are deployed.

If you use a special cradle that is offered as an option, you can connect it to a desktop PC or a terrestrial digital TV compatible wired and use it as a stationary home WiMAX router.

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