Akiyuki Shinbun Director The latest work is something about a girl the hero? New announcement poster appeared in Akihabara

The other day, "Togainu no Chi"It seems that a CM about the latest work by Shinnobu Atsuyuki, the director of Shinnobu, has flowed in the middle of the program of the program, but a poster announcing information on the latest work was on Akihabara.

The information was at the same level as the one flowing in the CM, but apparently from that visual "Hidamari SketchIt seems like a girl seems to be something like the protagonist like ".

Details are as below.
AnimateAkihabara store, a poster something fancy poster at that shop ...

It is the character of "Director: Akiyuki Shinbun" "Series composition · Screenplay: Kabedome Xuan" "Character Draft: Aoki Ume" "Animation Production: Shaft" "COMING SOON!"

Looking at the shadow of the poster, it seems that a girl appears in the new work ...... However, because most girls come out to animation in general, they are no better than no hints. Even whether it is a hero or a heroine is not certain.

Aoki Ume of the original draft is an original of 'Hidamari Sketch' animated by Shinonobu, so it seems that it is a work that feels like ah, but on the other hand Mr. Fumi Gen Xu who is in charge of the series composition / screenplay Is a game maker ·Nitroplusso"Phantom - PHANTOM OF INFERNO -"Vampire exorcist VedkoniaIn animation works such as "Brass litter"I am writing a scenario that is massive and smells of blood and smoke as opposed to Moe type.

Perhaps, Yunochi and Miyako will release the guns like "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha"(The first piece of the series will be directed by Akiyuki Shinbuchi) may be a kind of work. Before the new team ties the shaft with the shaft "The Soul Taker ~ Soul Hun ~If it is a taste like ", it seems to be interesting, though ....

Aoki Ume is serializing on Dragon Age Pure "Tie inThere is also a story about whether it is, I'm looking forward to the identity.

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