NHK-FM broadcasts Anison special feature, 10 consecutive days "Tatonto Anison Dictionary"

NHK-FM's long-term special program "Today is one day ○ ○ Sanmago" that gives spots to only one type of genre from various music genres and has only minority listeners fully enjoyed for a day Boasts a high popularity among the seriesNHK-FM familiar with "Today is one day Anison stuff"However, for 10 consecutive days, animation song special project "Tatami Anison DictionaryIt is clear that we will broadcast.

Details are as below.
NHK-FM and Bonito Anison Dictionary

According to the official page of NHK-FM, 5 days from November 8 (Monday) to 12 (Fri), 2010 and a total of 5 days from November 15 (Monday) to November 19 (Friday) It seems that over the days, the special program "Tonto Anison Dictionary" will be broadcasted from 0:00 am to 0:50 am.

The moderator is familiar with Saru Uranus of "Ku * Yu White Paper" and Kozo Shinji of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" of "Sailor Moon S"Emma Ogata, A 14-year-old female voice actor who made a debut with "Akari Okamoto role" of the "Occult Academy at the end of the century"Minoru InaseTwo people.

This special feature is a listener participation-type plan to make only one "Anison Daijiten" in the world, targeted for opening songs and ending songs of animation works broadcasted since the 21st century (2001 - 2010) , Inserted songs etc.

We are accepting requests from listeners with episodes related to songs such as animation works, voice actors, singers, lyricists, composers and arranger.

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