Bishojo & Young gather in AKB48 burying, Unexpected ambush soldiers Mountain top autumn festival live "Kids Dance"

Machiavailable 4I picked up some voices saying "The first part of the kids dance was surprisingly good", so I went to see it as if I was watching the second part for the time being or not ... However, it was a level higher than I imagined. A young girl who appears as "suddenly?" Level suddenly appeared, starting with a ridiculous sensual dance of the opening, and a girl who can only say "West waros! It's too thin ...... Young is amazing ... ...." , And AKB 48 singing and singing to buri and the last is a girl & beautiful grand collective state.

All of the performers, "Actors Studio Tokushima SchoolIt's a student of Mr. Miyazaki who is a student in the future who is pursuing various lessons aiming at various future goals such as debut in the future and so on a level basis but some of them are definitely making debuts, so it's time to think about that kind of thing It makes me feel like I did.

Appreciation is from the following.
Actors Studio Tokushima School


Part 2 started from 13:40 on the first day, from the beginning. Appears wearing costumes whose body shape is blatantly visible.

And this pose. I am doubtful as to what is going to start from now. "Kids dance" was written, so it certainly is unexpected that such high-level things will come out.

Actual dance was like this. Especially the second half is amazing.

YouTube - Dance A Class "A Class Original" First half

YouTube - Dance A class "A class original" second half

It is also worth seeing around this late end.

YouTube - Kurumari "loud diamond"

The finale's dance is a group of all.

Actually it was such feeling. It seems quite it.

YouTube - i-pop 3 Team Tokushima "Excuse Maybe"

Complete all programs


Then, it was a flow of waving to the audience and leaving ......

· Omaque part 1

YouTube - Glass Tiara "Chocolate Disco"

· Omake part 2

Mariko "Do KISS"

Waist thin

Ayane "Bouquet"

A frank looking face

YouTube - Mariko "KISS doing" the first half

YouTube - Mariko "KISS doing" latter half + Ayane "bouquet" first half

In addition, @ SEME "Happy Material"

YouTube - Ayane "Bouquet" Latter Half + @ ー ー ー ー "Happy ☆ Material"

· Omake Part 3

Become too like

Even though she is a young age unknown is amazing

· Omake Part 4

Misa & Natsumi "Tabidachi Knowa"

Hand in hand, Kyu.

YouTube - Misa & Natsumi "Tabidachi Knowa"

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