CEATEC JAPAN 2010 opening, all articles summary

Today from October 5 (Tuesday) until October 9 (Saturday), the latest technology exhibition "CEATEC JAPAN 2010Will be held.

The most advanced devices and communication technologies of famous manufacturers are announced on this day, and interesting exhibitions utilizing technology are carried out and it is very much attractive. Pre-registration is necessary for admission (If entrance fee is 1000 yen, registration will be free if you register if it is not registered), October 9 (Saturday) on the last day from this year can also enter without prior registration "Free Since it became the publication date ", people who are" interested a little but registration is troublesome "can also feel free to visit.

CEATEC JAPAN 2010 The list of all articles is from the following.◆ October 05, 2010 12:56:15
NTT DoCoMo's high-end Android smartphone "Galaxy S" photo review

◆ October 05, 2010 13: 38: 30 seconds
Lightweight "GALAXY Tab" haste photo review for women to have with one hand

◆ October 05, 2010 14: 04: 33 seconds
Movie review of Sakusaku moving docomo's Android smartphone "Galaxy S"

◆ October 05, 2010 14:44:14
Docomo's Android tablet "GALAXY Tab" which can be operated lightly Actual machine movie

◆ October 05, 2010 15:12:20
Realistic feeling that you can really feed non-contact, TOKO wireless power supply demonstration

◆ October 05, 2010 17:16:44
Au's "EVDO multi-carrier" terminal whose communication speed has tripled, what is its strength?

◆ October 05, 2010 18: 1: 24 seconds
Ultra high-speed communication, UQ WiMAX demonstrates "WiMAX 2" for the first time in the world realizing 330 Mbps at the maximum

◆ October 05, 2010 18: 29: 21 seconds
Also developing a model for Japan, Toshiba's iPad opposition Android tablet "FOLIO 100" Actual machine photo & movie

◆ October 05, 2010 20: 15: 26 seconds
Sharp 's Japanese e-book terminal "GALAPAGOS (GALAPAGOS)" Movie & Photo Review

◆ October 05, 2010 22:15:01
Easy charging with just putting on, "NTT DoCoMo's" wireless charging mobile "appears

◆ October 06, 2010 00:30:38
"LUMIX Phone" which looks a little digital camera appeared in CEATEC JAPAN 2010

◆ October 06, 2010 11: 06: 21 seconds
A compact mobile WiMAX router "AZ01MR" that lets you carry fashionably in a leather case appears

◆ October 06, 2010 12: 06: 21 seconds
A near-future device "body heat heart" that informs the opponent just by clenching it

◆ October 06, 2010 13: 29: 21 seconds
"Ion generating function mobile phone" that purifies air around himself, makes it possible to talk with clean air

◆ October 06, 2010 14:24:27
Fujitsu Exhibits Exhibiting 2 Concept Models of Windows Tablet

◆ October 06, 2010 16:58:43
"Double touch panel mobile" which adopted amazing gimmick appeared, following the world's first "separate mobile phone"

◆ October 06, 2010 18: 23: 29 seconds
"Things like a 3D camera and a smartphone equipped with 3D liquid crystal" will appear in the Sharp booth

◆ October 06, 2010 20: 12: 25 seconds
A beautiful girl Robo 'Unmei', which came to be able to sing a human voice and expression naturally according to the model, sangs in the voice of Hatsune Miku

◆ October 06, 2010 20: 45: 37 seconds
Demonstration of "Rear input interface" using new input form, reverse side of terminal

◆ October 06, 2010 21: 47: 05 seconds
Demonstration of "next generation high compression video coding technology" that can compress video considerably with high picture quality released

◆ October 06, 2010 23: 29: 18 seconds
Measure biological information wirelessly even during cycling, "Miller's" finger ring type pulse meter "

◆ October 07, 2010 11:44:51
"Bluetooth / wireless LAN conversion router" that can add wireless LAN router function to the mobile phone you are using now

◆ October 07, 2010 18:00:35
Cute and sexy beautiful companion's large group in CEATEC JAPAN 2010 Vol. 1

◆ October 07, 2010 21:29:43
Cute cute smiling face, beautiful companion photo album in CEATEC JAPAN 2010 Vol. 2

◆ October 08, 2010 12:55:21
A programming experience without using a PC as a painting sensation, a kit of "Lepidoptera robot" and "beetle robot"


The press room looks something like this. The partition which last year was removed. All the seats are equipped with power, and all the Internet connection in the room is done by wireless LAN.

Next to that is the press lounge. It's supposed to be relaxing with free coffee.

Even without your own personal computer, there were more than 10 built-in laptop computers, so that they could be used freely.

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