A newly built hotel in Las Vegas that emits "murderous ray" by concentrating and reflecting sunlight


I think that there are many people who have experimented with the use of magnifying glasses to concentrate sunlight on one point and puncture a hole in black paper, but if you are sunbathing at the hotel's poolside If you lie down in a place where sunlight concentrates like the focus of a huge magnifying glass ... ... is not it quite frightening?

Las Vegas hotel opened in December 2009Vdara(Vidala) Is characterized by a curved facade (the appearance from the front) which used glass abundantly, but guests who suffered bad burns also came out on the poolside where the sunlight reflected on the wall like the concave mirror concentrates With that, "Vidala's murderous rayIt seems to have become called to be called.

Details are as below.Vdara visitor: 'Death ray' scorched hair - News - Review Journal.com

It is a beautifully sophisticated design award winning architectural prize etc, but it is the most sunny south that is concave and it is the most sunny so that the reflected light concentrates 10 ft. X "Hot spot" of 15 ft (about 3 m × 4.5 m) can be made and it will move with time.


It may be called a design flaw, but I own a hotelMGM MirageAccording to Gordon Absher, a spokesperson said the architects put special films on the southern glass in anticipation of this concave mirror effect. However, as there is no high building blocking sunlight on the south side of the hotel, it seems that the film's effect of scattering more than 70% of the reflected light was not enough before even the intense Las Vegas sunshine is.


A hotel employee who works at the poolside states that this phenomenon is called "Death Ray (murderous ray)" and that the disposable plastic cup may melt. There is also a testimony that the sensible temperature is high about 20 degrees from the surroundings where the "murderous ray" hits.


Bill Pintas, a lawyer who had been visiting the hotel from Chicago on September 16, 2010, also received a "murderous ray". Mr. Pintas enjoyed sunbathing after sleeping at the reclining chair after swimming in the pool at around 12:20 pm, but suddenly it became unbearably hot, jumped up without dying and evacuated to the shade That's right. He tried to wear a beach sandal but it was too hot to touch, he ran with a barefoot and moved to the shade, where he noticed a bad smell. The origin of the smell was Mr. Pintas' head, and a part of the hair was burning. When the "murderer ray" left, I returned to the pool side, it seems that a part of the plastic bag containing the newspaper placed was melting.

The thin plastic bag melts and sticks to the newspaper, the black letter part of the hotel logo melts completely and the hole has opened.

Bill Pintas

Mr. Pintas, a lawyer, does not seem to be bringing a lawsuit against the hotel in this case, but as one of the owner of Vidala's condominium condo, concerned about the health effects and the problem is resolved early It is expected to expect.

According to Mr. Absher, a spokesman for the MGM Mirage, the hotel is considering increasing the number of plants in the deck of the pool as a countermeasure, setting a larger parasol, adding a roof to make shadows, etc. Considering that the sun and its reflected light both move with time and people visiting the pool are basically looking for sunlight, the addition of the roof may be quite a challenge.

Mr. Absher is not the first famous building whose reflection light was a problem Vidala is not the first time, in Las Vegas it has beenCircus circusofAdventure DomeYaMandalay BayHowever, we point out that reflected light is a problem. According to Absher, in the early spring there are many customers who like to sunbathe in the warm "hot spot" in the Mandalay Bay pool.

Outside of Las Vegas,Frank GehryLos Angeles famous for its architecture byWalt Disney Concert HallIt seems that reflected light raise the temperature of surrounding buildings, causing problems as a passerby's eyes dazzling, putting a file on a part of the metal on the outer wall, and taking measures to suppress reflected light.

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