Successful crime is chocolate, a man who loses more than 90 kg from a morbid obese body

Mr. Peter Ajello who was obsessive until morbidly used "chocolate-based"Chocolate · DietIn a way to call it, I succeeded in reducing weight more than 90 kg. I can not see it very much, but the two men in the photo above are the same person, the figure is on the left after the diet and the right is on the diet before the diet.

I feel that it is just "a dramatic before-after", but how did you make a diet succeed by dare using chocolate that seems not likely to lead to a diet too much?

Details are as below.Morbidly obese man loses 200 lbs on chocolate diet | Mail Online

According to this article, Mr. Peter Ajello is suffering from gout and diabetes mellitus, attacked by a seizure that poses a life-threatening risk, decided to be "as it is", to change the abnormal diet and try a diet I decided to decide.

Before the diet, he seems to have taken 24,000 calories a day, which is nearly ten times that of 2,500 kcal, which is an essential calorie for an average adult male. Contents of the meal include a large amount of fried chicken, fried potatoes, cheese lumps, four hamburgers, etc, with 2 liters of cola and chocolate shake for drinks, just a slight imagination that seems to be heartburned.

Moreover, he liked sweet things like something unexpected sweet like syrup, because he liked the syrupy French toast after four pieces of syrup platter pancakes before he diet so it seems to have a withdrawal symptom for sweet things It seems that we decided to prevent bitter eating sweets like ever by eating a bit of bitter chocolate.

Also, by doing exercise at the same time, he steadily succeeded in weight loss and surprised his friends. In the age of students, Mr. Peter who put on a name as a big meal did not succumb to a diet, failing to avoid the diet obstruction by a friend who bought a large amount of money for those who can not achieve the weight reduction target by the time of year, he is 4 years Over the course of a month I succeeded in losing weight of about 90 kilos which is half of my weight.

In addition to steadily exercising, I changed my diet including junk food and sweet food to vegetables including vegetables, not to forbid any sweet things, but I thought that we could eat bitter chocolate, we succeeded in dieting Mr. Peter said the secret of the secret was hidden.

When I diet, it seems to me that some people have fallen into the idea of ​​"all or nothing", there are people who do not eat at all or eat extremely restricted, but in order to continue healthy dieting Perhaps it may be better not to run too extreme measures.

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