This is the true appearance of the hero, the movie of those who disappears quickly appearing in the scene of desperate situation

There are many people who think that "words like saying" I will let go of one "and" I will help you "is a cool sound with overwhelming feelings, and I want to see a pinch of someone once in my life. However, it is not easy to encounter such a scenes like this, even if you encounter such a scene, it is doubtful whether you can actually move. For example, even when someone on the way through is at risk of life, if you try to help you poorly, it can be expanded that "Mummies take off to the mummy".

I gathered the videos capturing the sweat in the hand that contained the scene where ordinary people passing by such a valuable "screaming off" scenes become heroes.

The movie is from the following. First of all, this video. Argentina near Buenos AiresTigre PartidoIt is what the surveillance camera caught by.

Video captures near train collision | Video |

A row of cars crossing a railroad crossing. If it sees closely it seems that the interrupter on the far back is going down, is it okay ...?

A white van stuck on the railroad track. While the train is approaching, the man jumps quickly from the rear of the stopped motorcycle and runs up to the van.

Gugg ___ ___ ___ 0

The train comes close from the left ... ...

It was able to be avoided with a nice hair.

The "Superman" in the real world may not be a passerby nameless person who exercises such a superhuman power at the time of emergency, not a superman wrapped in a blue leotard or red cloak.

Impact Extracted out only highlight scenesGIF AnimationThere is also. GIF images may be slightly fast-forwarded, so perhaps the "Superman" style is increasing.

Tumblr_l50qvvmB2E1qahhxwo1_400.gif (GIF image, 277 x 170 px)

In reality, I did not have the opportunity to witness easily or the opportunity to become a party, I attempted to collect a few other images capturing the moment when an ordinary person passing by is a "hero".

First of all, a scene where a woman waiting for a train helps a man who fell from the station's home without hesitation. Should I call it a heroine rather than a hero?

YouTube - Heroic Woman Saves Man

This was taken with a video camera that had a state where a mother trapped in a burning apartment, a son and skaters passing through two cats picked up from the window and helped.


The passage to the first floor seems to have been blocked by flames, and children and cats are unloaded from the window on the side where fire is not going.

In this video, two children of 2 years old and 4 years old in the residential area of ​​Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a car riding a mother collided with the tree, overturned and flames up, residents running from passers-by and nearby houses It rescues me regardless of danger.

Surgeon: Strangers saved life of boy trapped in burning SUV -

A 2 - year - old baby and mother could rescue relatively quickly from a hole opened in the windshield, but a 4 - year - old boy could get stuck with the seat belt and could not move and no one could reach him from outside the car Not in position. While residents caught fire with a fire extinguisher brought from the house, eventually an inexperienced firefighter who came in entered the car and cut the seatbelt with the pocket knife that the neighbor was holding, the boy I was able to help. Although the boy was severely burned and temporarily was heavy, life was saved.

Children's father likens people who rescued them to angels and expresses gratitude. It can be said that all residents of the neighborhood who jumped out of the house with various things such as things breaking the window, fire extinguisher, hose connected to the water supply, blanket and the like became heroes.

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