A movie in which a little girl innocently dances with a cacchia "Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance"

It boasts the number of reproductions of about 1.72 million times or more in one week from the start of publication is "Samsung GALAXY 580"CM movie"Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance"is.

It is a movie that a young woman dances while dancing with a cacchia, but it shows that the influence of a young girl is not ordinary.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance

Jumping young lady

A woman like a guardian appeared

I will start dancing with you.


Men will start joining

To some extent it gets bigger and bigger. Dance after this is a must see because it is a fierce level.

And finally a tagline like "Exercise Your Influence!"

Saying that it is a CM movie of Samsung GALAXY 580

What on earth is going to happen to this ... ... the influence of a little girl is afraid.

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