It's almost like a genuine parent, child and squirrel with cuckoo and cat

A lot of pictures of cats and squirrels, which are completely different kinds of animals, were sort of crawling like families.

It seems that physique and appearance are just a bit alike, but there are also cases where cats grow squirrels in addition to this parent and child. There seems to be thought that cats are not wild and that being kept by people is involved.

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At first glance it is a normal cat's parent and child, but if you look closely ...

A child squirrel is mingling.

It seems that Yakko cats are dominating, but as close to a family as a family member, they are close to each other.

Even a mother cat.

The line of sight looking up at the camera looks only as if the mother is wary of protecting the children.

Kittens and child squirrels are totally different in appearance, but they do not have extraordinary discomfort.

Just the sizes of the squirrels and kittens are about the same.

However, because the kitten is furry coat, the squirrel looks a little smaller.

A woman who picked up a child squirrel who had fallen from the tree thought that a pet cat who was just raising a child might possibly grow up together and gently laid the child squirrel in the bed, just like each other like a family member He said he was acting.

It is not only that this cat and squirrel coexist with this parent and child, but also a smiley movie on which Youko is raised with child squirrels and kitten is posted.

YouTube - cat adopts squirrels

Even in this news, the content that cats are raising squirrels has been reported. According to a staff specialized in cats in the zoo, the comment that the cat's raising of squirrels is probably a favor for the cat's owner. Because the owner cherishes the squirrel, the cat side seems to cherish the squirre ... .... Originally squirrels and cats are not good friends, it is a case that happens only because the cat is a pet.

Cat family adopts baby squirrel

Cases other than squirrel raising children of other animals may be the same psychology as above.

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