Pictures of cats who fits in the hat completely

Owner who covers a cat with a stylish hatAlthough we introduced earlier, contrary to what it was introduced various ways cats are contained in hats.

The cats that are completely fitted in the hat and are pleasantly pretty, are pretty crowded and even full of innocence that is somewhat difficult to pick up even in the scene where a hat is needed right now.

Details are as below.One Size Fits (Almost) All - Cute Overload

As if snailing, I got under the hat and felt asleep the kitty asleep. Is it a good fit, it is a very peaceful expression.

Did you turn over after a while, just throw your foot and tail out of the hat and sleep sleepy. I can not stop my pock slightly pink.

It is cute I want to look at forever.

The cat here is falling asleep as fast as the upper kitten. This way of fitting isNeck potIt reminds me.

BySalem Elizabeth

This cat occupies a hat with a face of mine, and you can see a bullish posture.


I'm kidding the gajiji and hat size adjustment belt. It is cute desperate appearance that the face is protruding from a narrow hole.


I found a cat on the top instead of under the hat. It may be that the habits of cats who like to climb in narrow places and climb to high places are doing so, but they are just looking at the heart as they are watching.


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