"JavaScript programming course understood by manga" Second edition released

JavaScriptSpeaking of,GmailYaGoogle MapsIt is a programming language that attracted attention by breathing out at once by the appearance of dynamic web contents not accompanied by page movement,JQueryHas become an important thing not only for programmers but also for web designers.

By making it easier for beginners to understand such JavaScript, 158 pages of manga, commentary and sample source code of all 471 KB "JavaScript programming course understood by mangaThe second edition is now open to the public. The first edition of this course started serializing from 26th April 2010 and it was completed on May 10, 2010. The second edition of this course has drawn back all manga from its first edition and the explanatory text is 1.7 It supplements it twice and enriches illustrations.

Access is from the following.
JavaScript programming course understood by manga

The contents are composed of all four parts from Part 1 to Part 4, and it is as follows.

◆ Part 1 Basics of JavaScript programming

Episode 1: Professional Appearance
Episode 2: What is a program?
Episode 3: Let's write
Episode 4: Numerical variables and calculations
Story 5: String variables and various outputs
Episode 6: True and false conditional branches and operators
Episode 7: Loop Processing
Episode 8: Arrays
Episode 9: Loop processing of associative array
Episode 10: Function
Episode 11: Scope of Variables
Episode 12: Type, Object, Class

◆ Part 2 Debugger programming

Episode 13: Date object
Episode 14: Array sorting and anonymous functions
Episode 15: Regular Expression

◆ Part 3 Programming Web pages

Episode 16: Web page JavaScript
Episode 17: Web page rewriting
Episode 18: Processing by Event
Episode 19: Processing by timer
Story 20: Style Sheet
Episode 21: Use of cookies

◆ Part 4 Application

Episode 22: Using jQuery
Episode 23: Communication processing using jQuery
Episode 24: Bookmarklet
Episode 25: Local application using WSH
Episode 26: Windowed application using HTA
Episode 27: In the end

The beginning of each story is manga, then the detailed text, and the file of the example can be downloaded is possible, and although I actually read it I am quite well done. If it is a long ago, this book's reference book is attached with sample code on CD-ROM, and the book itself is thick like a dictionary, it is frustrating by itself, but such things are easy to get through free online It is quite impressive and nice to say that it has become possible to read and learn with chestnuts.

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