The cat is a cat after all, cat feline beasts such as tigers and leopards are sloppy in the catnip

As there is also the word 'Actinidia the cat', it makes the cat crazy with the smell Silvervine . There may be a lot of people who become cute as if they got drunk and are giving a rattle to their domestic cats.

There is a Catnip (Auhakuka) as a plant that has the same effect as Matatabi, but we will introduce videos verified with various beasts, whether large cats such as tigers and lions as well as domestic cats will become muddy in the catnip.

Details are as below. YouTube-Q: Do TIGERS like catnip ??

'One of the most frequently asked questions from customers coming to the tour is,' Is catnip effective for beasts? 'Says Chris Poole, Big Cat Rescue breeder in Florida.

So, I prepared the dry cat nip.

Put in a paper bag.

Round off and start the experiment.

The first subject of the experiment was the tiger Alex.

Continue to hold the paper bag without seemingly getting bored at all, seems to be crazy about Catnip.

Next is the leopard Reno.

I feel like I have an eye with a heart and a tron ....

I narrow my eyes and rub my face.

It seemed like I was in a good mood and I was showing my stomach.

European lynx Natasha and Willow.

Occasionally drunken to each other while beating each other like crazy, into a catnip.

White Tiger Zabu.

This is also unprotected and shows a belly, it seems like a melodious.

Black leopard Sabre.

Jumping into the catnip forcefully threatens the camera as if you say 'don't hand over'.

Ocelloto 's Amazing Grace is also mesmerizing in the catnip.

However, it seems that Lion's Joseph showed no interest. If you encounter cat beasts and throw a catnip and distract, you may not be relieved ....

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