A bookstore keeps decreasing in the hardship, a graph that shows at a glance how much the bookstore has decreased

I feel that small and medium-sized bookstores are decreasing due to online shops such as Amazon.co.jp, new-shogo bookstores including BOOKOFF, and large-scale bookstores opening up successively, but it is a matter of how much I decreased There was a graph that was known at.

Apparently the number of bookstores seems to be decreasing more than I thought.

Details are as below.
Trends in the number of bookstores 2001 to 2009: 【FAX DM, Japan author promotion center for FAX transmission】

According to data surveyed by Almeda, a publisher who creates databases that summarize information on bookstores nationwide, "Book Store All Guides", there were 19,39 bookstores in 2001, as of 2009 It seems that it is depressed to 15,510 stores.

This is the graph. Data compiled by al media is summarized by the Japan author promotion center, but it has decreased by nearly 1000 shops in many years, and it is understood that nearly one quarter of bookstores have been closed in nine years.

It is thought that e-book ready terminals such as Apple's iPad will become increasingly popular in the future,Sony and KDDI, Asahi Shimbun and Toppan Printing announce that they will jointly start e-book distribution business in MayAlthough the publishing industry is heading towards digitization, such as publishing, etc., will the decline of bookstores be further advanced in the future?

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