Micro research announced for the first time in about 6 years NetGenesis GigaLink 1000, a new product for gigabit compatible routers

Wired broadband router at price .com Satisfaction Ranking 1stofMicro researchFor the first time in about 6 years Gigabit compatible router new product "NetGenesis GigaLink 1000We announced. Traffic control, traffic control, maximum number of simultaneous sessions of 16384 (8 times as compared with the conventional), L2 session switch function such as VLAN / QoS / mirroring etc, including PPPoE multi-session simultaneous 4 sessions, etc. FTP measurement of 700 Mbps or more It is full of functions.

It was released six years agoNetGenesis SuperOPT-GFiveI have also used it in the editorial department of GIGAZINE and thought that "Successor products for gigabit correspondence will not come out ...", but it seems that the new product appeared, it has not yet gotten bumped yet.

Details of release date and price etc. are from the following.
NetGenesis GigaLink 1000 Product Features | Micro Research Co., Ltd.

With release launched from late July 2010, market forecast sales price is around 30,490 yen including tax,Direct sales siteIt seems to be on sale on July 23 and shipping begins.


Diagonal front


Each function is as follows.

■ WAN / LAN All ports Gigabit Ethernet compatible
Ethernet port corresponding to 10/100/1000 Mbps is 4 ports on the LAN side and 1 port on the WAN side.

■ Jumbo frame compatible
Both WAN port and LAN port support up to 9 KB send / receive jumbo frames. (Valid only at 1000 Mbps link.In order to send and receive jumbo frames, all devices on the communication path must be compatible with jumbo frames)

High performance CPU, large capacity memory installed
· 1 GHz high speed CPU installed
· Large capacity 256 Mbyte memory installed

■ Throughput performance improvement (approximately 3 times as compared with conventional products)
【FTP measured value at local router time (reference value)】
· NetGenesis GigaLink 1000: Approximately 700 Mbps (reference value in micro research environment measurement environment)
· NetGenesis SuperOPT-GFive (old product 6 years ago): about 240 Mbps

Improvement of routing performance of short packets (about 6 times as compared with conventional products)
[SmartBits actual measurement value at local router (reference value)]

■ Bandwidth limit (traffic shaping) function compatible
Restrict the bandwidth in the upstream direction (packet transmission speed) and send it according to the priority of the packet while adjusting so as not to exceed the bandwidth when traffic (burst) exceeding the bandwidth occurs Can. (Priority of packet can be set to three levels of high / middle / low by priority routing function)
As a result, it is possible to stabilize the quality of communication that emphasizes real-time nature, such as IP telephony, IP-TV conference, video distribution, etc.

■ Improve Simultaneous Processing Performance of Address Conversion (Approx. 8 times as compared with Conventional Product)
Responds well to the LAN environment with a large number of client terminals.
【Number of simultaneous address translation processes (maximum number of concurrent sessions)】
· NetGenesis GigaLink 1000: 16384 (assumed number of client terminals: 250 or less)
→ Can be used as a gateway router that includes one class C network.
· NetGenesis SuperOPT-GFive (old product): 2048 (assumed number of client terminals: 50 or less)
* The number of assumed client terminals is the reference value assuming that "40 sessions are used on one terminal"

■ PPPoE multi session (simultaneous 4 sessions) correspondence
It is possible to connect up to four PPPoE sessions simultaneously. Simultaneous connection to provider and NTT East / West Japan Flets · Square, simultaneous connection to multiple providers is possible. As the distribution destination function of the connection destination, it corresponds to two types, "static routing function" which sorts by the IP (network) address of the transmission destination and "source routing function" which sorts by source IP (network) address.

■ IPv6 Bridge Support
NTT East / West Japan Hikari TV and FLET'S SQUARE v6 and other video services and contents using IPv6 can be watched on the terminal installed on the LAN side of the router.

■ High functional L2 switch installed
High function L2 switch corresponding to the following functions is installed.

· QoS function
Function to perform priority processing of communication based on priority. It corresponds to both "port-based QoS" which discriminates the priority for each LAN port and "tag-based QoS" which discriminates the priority by the IEEE 802.1p QoS tag.

VLAN function
A function of grouping LAN ports and blocking communication between arbitrary LAN ports. It corresponds to both "port-based VLAN" grouping by LAN port and "tag-based VLAN" grouping by IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag. It also supports "multiple VLANs" in which shared access ports are provided between different groups.

· Speed ​​limiting function
This function sets an upper limit on the transmission speed from the port.
Example) LAN port to which the server is connected: unlimited
LAN port to which the client terminal is connected: Transmission rate upper limit 50 Mbps
* Set the upper limit of the speed that the LAN port of the router transmits to the client terminal. When viewed from the client terminal, it becomes the speed in the down direction, unlike the bandwidth limitation (traffic shaping) function, the priority of the packet is not discriminated.

· Mirroring function
A function to copy communication of an arbitrary port to a specific port.

■ Unnumbered / NAT + IP masquerade support (LAN type payout agreement supported)
It is possible to use multiple fixed global IP addresses.

■ UPnP compatible
It is possible to use UPnP compatible software such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype and equipment compatible with UPnP.

■ VPN multi-pass through support (IPsec passthrough / PPTP conversion supported)
It corresponds to IPsec passthrough (1 session), PPTP conversion (multiple session conversion possible). It is possible to construct a VPN network via a router.

■ Firewall function support by IP filtering
Detailed IP filtering by filtering direction, target protocol, IP address · port number, DNS Q Type, TCP flag is possible.

■ Remote setting supported
It is possible to set and control the router from a remote place via the browser. (Setting port number can be changed)

■ Up to about 53% reduction in power consumption compared with conventional products
Maintaining the main parts, etc., reduce the maximum power consumption to about 8 W or less.
(The maximum power consumption of the conventional product NetGenesis SuperOPT-GFive is about 15 W)

■ Use high-performance aluminum electrolytic capacitor made in Japan (production base: in Japan)
Uses high-performance aluminum electrolytic capacitor made in Japan for power supply part. Improve reliability, stability, durability.

■ RoHS Compliant
Compliant with the "Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment" issued in July 2006 in the EU area.

In addition, hardware specifications etc. can be seen on the following page.

NetGenesis GigaLink 1000 Product Specification | Micro Research Inc.

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