What is the future Android smartphone deployment? I asked Sharp which exhibits a model for China that I saw somewhere

Today starting at Tokyo Big Sight "Wireless Japan 2010"Sharp was exhibiting a model that I saw somewhere as a smartphone for China.

Basically, the exhibition of already announced model is the center, unfortunately exhibition such as concept model which will be future reference was not done, but Sharp boasts the largest share of domestic market in mobile phone market I asked about the expansion of Android smartphone in the future.

Details are as below.
Sharp booth of "Wireless Japan 2010".

"SH 81 iUC" and "SH 80 iUC" models were on display as smart phones for China.

Actual machine of "SH80 iUC". It looks somewhere like something ......

It is a smartphone equipped with a sliding type numeric keypad.

By the way, this is Wilcom 's smartphone "HYBRID W - ZERO 3" released this January. Apparently, "SH 81 iUC" "SH 80 iUC" seems to be a model excluding the wheel-shaped cursor key "Xcrawl (Escroll)".

Also, the W - SIM card slot is not installed.

The side interface is also exactly the same.

OS also adopted Windows Phone (formerly known as Windows Mobile). By the way, according to the explanatory staff, the specifications are said to be the same as HYBRID W - ZERO 3.

This is Android Smart Book "IS 01" which Sharp released for au.

"LYNX" which is a brother machine of "IS 01" released from NTT docomo

And a terminal for Android application developers "JN - DK 01"

It is based on "IS 01" model.

Also, when Sharp's Android smartphone was about to ask which public information company is planning to be released from the telecommunications company, I could not get a reply.

However, as I visited on the plan to release the Android smartphone in the first place,In order to survive international competition, I will not do it alone (by pointing to IS01 or LYNX)It seems that there is no doubt that it is developing a full-scale model with an eye to international development.

The official page of the Sharp mobile phone is from the following.

Mobile phone: Sharp

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