Unexpected happening that hit a cameraman during a wedding ceremony

In the wedding which is a big event in life, many pictures are taken for memorial but photographers shooting the bride and groom with full-fledged cameras are at the happening, and more memorable than the main characters Scenes that remain are released in movies.

Details are as below.
Photographers aiming for the best shot from the center while participants are shooting.
YouTube - Wedding Photography Fail

While slowly going backwards, I will take pictures of two people frequently.

However, the appearance of the photographer suddenly frames out.

Because I had not confirmed behind, I was addicted to the water field.

I get up while borrowing the hand of a person nearby, but I am getting wet all over my body.

Originally it is the scene where the bride and groom attract the most attention, but it was a photographer who attracted the eyes of many people. However, it may be easier for everyone's memory to leave those happenings than finish without any delays.

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