3D controller "Virtuasphere" to walk anywhere

Many companies have launched a number of 3D display compatible displays, and game controllers and motion detection ones come out, so the stereoscopic video environment is in full swing. Although the word "virtual reality" which was unrealistic a while ago has become reality suddenly, the problem is the size of the space. No matter how real a virtual environment you prepare, the distance you can move is limited, so you can not do it.

Therefore, a company in the United States developed a motion controller that can be said as "3D room runner". With this, you can play without difficulty even if the game running 10 km runs abusively by demon sergeant.

Details are below.
The principle of this 3D controller "Virtuasphere (Virtuasphere)" is to detect the rotation by placing a hollow ball about 3 m in diameter on a steel pedestal. By using this it becomes possible to freely roam through the virtual space.

The actual used video is as follows.

VirtuSphere Co, Ltd.

The black ball on the pedestal is the body of "Virtuosia".

It seems that the rotation direction is detected by the same principle as the mouse ball like this.

I take a part of the net and go inside.

After completing installation of wireless attitude sensor / head mount display, preparation is completed.

In addition to being able to run freely back and forth and to the left and right, it seems that it is possible to detect every movement, such as jumping and lying down with a posture sensor.

If you disassemble it can also be stored in the trunk of the car.

It can be used not only for games and military training but also for walking around virtual historic sites by setting it in the history museum. Previously introducedU.S. military intercultural exchange simulatorIt may be interesting to combine it.

Because it can be used also in a wheelchair like this, it seems that it can be used for various applications such as simulation of barrier free structure.

Sales are360 · Virtual VenturesAlthough the price is not clarified, "We have sales of up to 24 thousand dollars (about 2.12 million yen a month) by installing it at a game center etc." and is advertising.

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