Nude shoot taking place in a mountain road rich in nature, to climbers began shooting on mobile phones to a great chaos

I was doing nude shoots on a nature rich mountain path where greenery grew, and it seems that there was an event that even climbers who passed by also started photographing a nude model with a cell phone and it got into great confusion.

The owner of the mountain tried to drive photographers and mountain climbers who took pictures, but the witnesses called more people and it became inaccessible.

Details are from the following.
The elderly dance 枝 驱赶 "human body art"

It looks like this is shooting. It seems that shooting was taking place in the middle of the route where climbers go and go. Even if you do not shoot in many places like this ...

People who passed the scene photographed by mobile phone.

The owner of the mountain wanders the stick and tries to drive it off ... ....

Many indefinitely, the condition that can not be managed anyhow.

Ultimately the shooting was interrupted.

This nude shooting was done in Henan Province from the morning of June 9, and it seems that 10 photographers and 3 nude models were filming in the middle of the mountain path. These 13 people were not professional photographers and models, they were photography societies by amateur photographers who recruited them as hobbies to the last. Tourists who witnessed the situation of the photo session and residents of the nearby village invited more people, and it seems that the quiet mountain path has become a little panic in usual times.

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