UQ WiMAX held a recital commemorating the first anniversary of commercial service, doubling the number of new mobile wireless LAN routers and base stations

Overwhelm other companiesNext-generation communication service "Mobile WiMAX" realizing communication speed of maximum downlinking 40 Mbps and uploading maximum of 10 MbpsIt will celebrate 1st anniversary of service in July this year.

And we will deliver the scene of the presentation celebrating the 1st anniversary held today.

Details are as below.
There was also a cat sign that became familiar with the commercial of "net to buy!".

The recital will start soon.

2010/06/07 11:12
UQ Communications Inc. | About deployment of 'WiMAX Speed ​​Wi-Fi'

WiMAX Speed ​​Wi-Fi "Wi-Fi Router line-up that enables Internet access via WiMAX from various Wi-Fi compatible devices will be promoted collectively.

2010/06/07 11:13
The following four new products.

· URoad-7000
Enjoy with 3 colors palm size integrated mobile router

· Egg iWWR-1000J
Egg type mobile router to enjoy with 5 colors. Continuous use 5 hours long lasting battery.

· Aterm WM 3400 RN
Compact and integrated home WiMAX router Compatible with "Easy radio start" with wired LAN port in addition to wireless LAN

A new black model appeared. Isolated type home WiMAX router equipped with wired LAN port in addition to wireless LAN

2010/06/07 11:21
"URoad - 7000" looks something like this, there is already an official page.

2010/06/07 11:25
"Aterm WM 3400 RN" is announced last week, there is also an official page.

WM3400RN | Product Information | AtermStation

2010/06/07 11:29
I wrote in a hurry.
UQ WiMAX mobile wireless LAN router 3 models, super fast photo review

The strength of UQ WiMAX introduced at the recital. There is no binding or cancellation penalty is a big advantage compared with other companies.

We are expanding sales channels in partnership with consumer electronics mass merchandisers and providers

WiMAX that is becoming standard on mobile PC

Because it provides mobile wireless LAN routers that realized high-speed communication, it seems that "WiMAX is the best for topic tablet devices".

2010/06/07 11:40
UQ Communications Inc. | About UQ WiMAX terminal half price campaign implementation

Starting today "UQ WiMAX 1st anniversary commemorative terminal half price campaign" which makes half the WiMAX data communication card. Upon making a new contract with the full flat rate plan "UQ Flat", or a two step flat rate plan "UQ Step", the WiMAX data communication card becomes half price. Limited time until August 22, 2010.

2010/06/07 11:51
Added bulletin article.

UQ WiMAX is dwindling to doubling base stations and speeding up service, and in the future downlinks can reach up to 330 Mbps - GIGAZINE

2010/06/07 11:55
The official page of the half price campaign is from the following.

UQ WiMAX terminal half price campaign | High speed mobile communication, high speed mobile Internet data communication card UQ WiMAX

The question and answer is below.

What is the plan for Nosaka Shinsei to be appointed?
"To spread WiMAX from PC to non-PC" What kind of measures are you thinking?

It will take office on June 14th.
We are considering "multi-device" as UQ, and we are already offering services that can add compatible devices at 200 yen, but we aimed to have various items gathered together at one gateway I think.

Also, it differs greatly from 3G in that delay (delay) is small and that it is able to maintain a state that it can already connect to the network. Always being connected to the network can lower the burden on the device developer and I believe that having less delay creates new applications. Compared to 3G, Skype's delay is small, and streaming of video is not delayed so that it can be viewed comfortably.

There is a story saying that "YOTA" promoting Russian WiMAX will shift to LTE, but UQ is interested in what he thinks about the current situation where players who have deployed WiMAX are interested in migration Is it there?

We had a meeting with YOTA last week in Tokyo, but we heard about the current WiMAX deployment in about six Russian cities. We do technological development of mobile WiMAX, but at YOTA there are aspects that technology is insufficient, we will compete for future in the future and I also want to see the movements of others.

Also, it is expected that hundreds of millions of devices will be connected to the Internet in the future, but it is already surprising that the unexpected traffic generated by smartphones like the iPhone will fill the 3G network It is occurring.

We anticipate that we will run short of the bandwidth currently allocated for traffic growth, before it will be in 2015. Common recognition is spreading to businesses not only to use one communication method, but also to cover LTE, WiMAX, existing 3G network well by using it well.

YOTA in Russia also seems to consider treating the overflowing traffic together by combining both networks. In the United States I also plan to use several radio systems to handle traffic. We believe there are destinations beyond communication standards, and we are planning to make business in such a world.

Although we have a target of 800,000 people as of the end of 2011, what is the proportion of built-in personal computers and "WiMAX Speed ​​Wi-Fi"? Also, as for speeding up such as 30 Mbps in the future, does it need to respond by updating the farm, or do I have to buy a new compatible terminal?

It seems that more than half of e-mobile has become a mobile wireless LAN router. At our company more than half, MVNO service is offered, 37 kinds of personal computers are compatible with WiMAX if it is shipping base, but it is thought that WiMAX will be installed more and more in the future, the built-in personal computer is 5 Although it may be difficult to divide, I would like to raise it. I also want to raise the ratio of activation.

Regarding speed increase, up to the current effective speed of 20 Mbps most of the firmware upgrades are sufficient, but if it reaches 30 Mbps or higher, one that can cope with firmware upgrade and one that needs to purchase newly supported equipment It is divided into.

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