A list of chemists in the 17th century who had foreseen the future "Such a thing is good, if you can do" list, almost in reality

Chemists and physicists in the 17th century BritainRobert Boyle(1627-1691) is known for "Boyle's law" which shows that the volume of gas is inversely proportional to pressure when the temperature is constant, it seems that it was also the owner of rich imagination as science fiction writer.

Galileo(1564-1642) andNewtonThe list of 'one day something that should be realized with the power of science' that Boyle who was a contemporary person of (1642-1727) may have thought as a tremendous dream for those of the time However, today most of that wish is a reality.

Details are as below.Robert Boyle: 17th century chemist who foresaw the hi - tech future | Mail Online

It is thought that the assistant wrote what Boyle had dictated to the list of 24 wishful thinkers that Robert Boyle wanted human beings of the future to realize with the power of science.

Boyle who was an intellectual who leads the 17th century is said to be the world's oldest conferenceRoyal SocietyIn commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Society, the exhibition "Royal Society of Japan" will be held from June 7 (Monday) at the Royal Society Headquarters in LondonThe Royal Society: 350 Years of ScienceIt is said that this list will be released for the first time.

The first wish I mentioned for Boyle is "Longer life spanThat was. Although "life extension" is still the theme of many scientific research now, it can not be said that this is already realized considering that the average life expectancy in the early 17th century was only 40 years Is it?

Boyle himself died on December 31, 1691, 64 years old.

By the way, Boyle was visiting Florence where Galileo lived in his later years in 1641, and Galileo died at the age of 77 in 1642. Physicists, such as Isaac Newton who was born in that year (1642) and died at the age of 84 in 1727 seem to have many long-lived people, but at the time Bile, who was born in a noble family in Ireland, It is also true that people who could pursue academics were born to relatively wealthy houses and lived abundantly. In modern times, efforts to eliminate poverty from the world may lead to longer life expectancy than to lengthen life by the power of science.

The next one is "To regain youth. If that is impossible at least, regaining the outward appearance of new teeth and color hair like young timesWish that it is. This has also been realized with current dental technologies, plastic surgery, hair transplantation techniques and hairdressing which is easy to obtain with pharmacies, but it was even hard to dye hair to make it look youthful at the time. Afterwards it may be said that if "hair growth medicine" was developed it was perfectly achieved.

"Flying in the skyNeedless to say, of course it is realized, but even if it is said that an era in which we can go to the back of the earth in just half a day by plane is coming, no one believed 350 years ago. After various efforts such as balloon and glider, in 1903Wright BrothersInvented an airplane.

"TransplantCure disease"More recently, it was in 1905 that corneal transplant surgery for human beings succeeded for the first time in the world. The world's first successfulRenal transplantWas held in Boston in December 1953. Skin transplantation in Italy at the end of the 16th centuryGasparo TagliacozziThere is a record that the doctor made it successful, but it seems that he had been heresy because he also had many failures.

This is a painting of the 16th century, but Christian saint of the 3rd centurySaints Cosmas and Damian(St. Cosmas and St. Damian) transplanted black legs to white men. If the transplant of the organ like present at the time of Boyle succeeded it would have been considered a "miracle".

"A practical and reliable way of knowing longitude and latitudeIsGPSIt is realized with.

"Lightweight and very strong armor"Is an aromatic polyamide based resin used for cutting blade best used in 1965KevlarIt may be said that it was realized with. Further lightweight and high strength materials will be developed in the future.

"Accelerate the production of plants growing from seeds"Current commercial agriculture ·Plant factoryIs not it being realized in?

"Strong medicine to increase or alter various mental activities such as imagination, memory, awakening, suppress medication, give a gentle sleep and dreamsIsLSD,amphetamine,aspirinAnd variousSleep inducing agentIt is realized by etc.

"A ship that can sail in any direction"Has been realized by the appearance of a motor boat that does not need to receive the wind on the sail and make it a driving force, but"Ship not sinkingIt is not that there is noTitanicAnd battleshipsYamatoIt may have been proved by such as.

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