A fence that someone quietly hides and is watching the appearance of a pedestrian

There seems to be a fence that someone hides and observes the state of pedestrians. There is no such thing as it will not have been noticed, but if you notice what is being watched you will be hesitating to pass in the middle of the night.

Image is from below.
Musee Macabre: The Face in the Fence - Horror Squad

Mentalgassi: Fency Flip Image in Hamburg 2010

This is an ordinary fence at Berghman Street in Berlin.

But when you look at the fence from the diagonal ... ....

The face of a man appears emerging.

When looking from the opposite side it turned into a different expression.

Likewise, it seems that there is also a fence in Hamburg where people 's face rises by changing viewing points of view.

If you look at the place in the dark when it is daytime, it seems that ghosts seem to come out and it seems to be traumatic.

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