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From Sony on 22nd MayWalkman's latest model "NWD-W 253" releasedIt will be. The NWD - W 253 is integrated with headphones, and it is waterproof so that you can enjoy music while playing sports. In addition, it is possible to transfer songs by drag & amp; drop without using special software, and it is easy to bring music out easily.

Since the temperature will rise from now on, sweat will come out as if you move your body outdoors, so people who routinely make jogging etc may be useful.

So, tomorrowMay 13. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 13th one year ago.

When going shopping to the neighborhood supermarket "Aya Hirano" Specification of pain chari discovery - GIGAZINE

A price of over 900 million yen can be attached to an intact and good condition Blue Diamond - GIGAZINE

The same face-ridden village where twins have 220 pairs - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
As for the female ranking which I do not want to use for CM, the first person is the Ano person - the men's saiseau(Entertainment, talent who has elements such as frustration with office and deki marriage / divorce, Yankee character and religious scenario are hard to use)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): World Cup Representative, Tutti and Beckham lost election successively in each country Totti and others - Sports(Sports, well-known athletes are injured one after another due to injury)

Second fast New Americans career ranking Best 10 Dreams Arisuwa Wolota(Work, scholars are ranked in rank in the top)

Is there no pure woman in this world anymore? Cana speed(Story, two dimensional vigorous dash)

Hair restorer: Mainichi Shimbun reporter experiences ... I can not choose where to grow - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Health, if you stop taking medication you will lose effect)

Hair becomes heavy on rainy days!? Five unknown "Hair Trivia" - Tokyo Walker(There is data that beauty, hair weight is about 10% heavier at 90% moisture)

If you like sauce, go out soon - I want to go back to the elementary school summer vacation I went to the school pool with sweat, came back home and came back to the soup and insect repellent(Life, various beautiful memories of summer vacation)

One day I broke my stomach: Alfalfa mosaic(Life, development of a must-see person who is hungry)

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【Breaking news】 Tohoku Shinkansen, the nickname of the new model "E5 series" is decided "Hatsune"(Vehicles, Hatsune Miku 's name' Hatsune 'is No. 2 & Actual Hayabusa' s Movie)

VIPPER I: What to do with doujinshi(Doujin, "The cover is entwined by women, but there is no description of the main part of the lesbian") "The female character is drawn on the cover but the content is homo book", "I draw obviously without knowing the original" etc.)

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Things that tended to be in the bubble period tend to be unpleasant Sleep - livedoor Blog (blog)(History, "Awesome high interest rate of 8% annual interest rate of bank savings deposit" "Toyota gave presents one new car to Toda for all the students who were informed" "Nearly any stocks are bought at any time I was profitable ")

Volunteer's world's first "rear-end automatic avoidance system", it does not operate with a demonstration but a rear-end accident - livedoor Blog (blog)(Vehicle, completely out)

CNN.co.jp: Disney and Disney hit movies "Alice" to increase revenue and profit(Film, sales increased by 6% compared with the same period last year to 8.58 billion dollars)

Survey on the use of the latest Web service | SOFTBANK / Human Capital Co., Ltd.(More than half of Twitter users and Internet users have experienced "no")

Ruby on Matsue Ramen · Cubic Series :: Nakakato Co., Ltd.(Ramen of package containing package, logo of programming language "Ruby")

Commonality of Goku and Ikari Gendou of "Dragon Ball" - Diary of tyokorata(Manga, pretty deep consideration)

【E-book】 Nothing somewhat portrayed NG ... Can not read Japanese manga on iPad? : Platy Carpa(Screenshots of books, actual cuts and snapped in to iPad are wonderful)

There are cats Untitled document(Illustration, step by step abounding content)

【Sankei psoriasis】 Soft-chan, give up the Olympics - MSN Sankei News(Politics, rather than saying "Do not give up the Olympics" I feel like "citizen feeling" to give up "politicians")

Q - Democratic request refused sports field policy - political News: nikkansports.com(Politicians, Naidaiko Takahashi of the Sydney Olympic Games medalist also requested to run, but refused, "People who studied politics should become representatives of citizens")

More than 70% of women "acne on back" - MSN Sankei News(Beauty, 85% of women answer that other people 's back is worrisome, but the result is that few people actually care for their back)

"Persimmon seed" recession ignorance ... Kameda confectionery has the highest profit in history: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(In addition to the economy, "Persimmon Seed" and "Happy Turn", US companies manufacturing and selling rice crackers for the United States are also doing great)

Ketsumeishi "Friends" Special Collaboration Site Gyoza's King(Food, a collaborative menu with Ketsumeishi "Friend set meal" is sold in the Tokyo metropolitan area from today)

Tokyo's baked basketball 5 selection - Time Out Tokyo(Food, Shanghai specialty called raw sauce in China, specialty shops with sensation of stalls you can eat easily open in a row in Tokyo)

14 year old girl pianist Suntory Hall debut - Japanese youngest record - Akasaka Keizai Shimbun(Music, Debut at Chopin Recital on 15th May, Concerto as well as solos such as "Scherzo No. 1")

"Golgo 13" praised Saito · Taka, D · Washington "The Walker" Movie News - if it's a movie eiga.com(It is acclaimed that the figure of the hero who carries out the mission with movies, professionalism and indomitable spirit is common to Duke Togo)

Notice of "Fully Smoking Smoking" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, how about a bar or bar? What it will be? - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Society, there are people who will withdraw when there is no place to suck)

News - Animals - Insect repellent mosquitoes that do not work as sprays appear (full article) - National Geographic official Japanese site(Science, part of Aedes aegycna has stopped responding to the compound Dieth (diethyltolamide) used for most insect repellent spray)

New shooter "Privates" announced by Marines with contraceptive devices fighting in the vagina announced - Game * Spark(Game, settings are messed up, but the game itself seems to be decent as long as you see the screen)

Couples of husband and wife measures Danna's "smell"? - Tokyo Walker(Note that females are sensitive to odor from where fathers are said to be "dady smell" from their adolescent daughter)

Reading Nonfiction Oh, Nadae Takashi I thought that "children" who studied the most in Japan became adults, are we weird people? | Wisdom of wisdom | Modern business [Kodansha](Education, children in some sense "Galapagos" environment)

【Series 25】 "PC gaming dojo of Sato Kafuji" What you want to know about the MOD culture that colors PC games - GAME Watch(There are quite a lot from "MOD" to remodel games and data files to market games)

Togetter - Conclusion "Laughable Experimental Failure Collection"(Science, daily life of a scientist who is quite fierce but talks freshly)

4 people Co-op is also equipped! Further details of "Call of Duty: Black Ops" revealed - Game * Spark(Game, "Rambo" and "Fire FoxThere may be a directing reminiscent of)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Korean police for 23 days in a girls' boy, a woman's cloakroom noticed - International(Overseas, was it a very young boy?)

Mai-chan is elected as a member of the NHK Management Committee: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(People, people who jumped to the phrase "Mai")

Leisure person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【Complete match】 Goldman, no loss of trading loss in quarter. Total 1 trillion yen weak earnings Individual investors do not breathe w - livedoor Blog (blog)(Economy, that there are people getting on is that there are people losing behind them)

New product information 2010 | Digital terrestrial broadcasting, BS, games and PCs. Multiple active in three roles. Ecopointed target terrestrial digital · BS equipped Full HD compatible 21.5 inch wide | IODATA eye · o · data equipment(In addition to being able to be used as hardware, as a television or as a liquid crystal monitor, it also has an Onkyo speaker)

SoftBank SELECTION, launched the iPad dedicated liquid crystal protection seal on the same day as the iPad launch, case for iPad etc - liquid crystal protective seal protecting iPad from scratches and dirt, leather case with elegant and simple finish, can be installed at two kinds of angles Rubber stand etc total of 10 items released - | SOFTBANK BB Corp.(Cases and liquid crystal protection stickers will be released on the same day according to the release of mobile and iPad)

PC capable of taking 3D images, Fujitsu develops - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, desktop personal computer equipped with 3D compatible camera on display)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Yamazaki-san "Space Miyage", NASA Certified to Daughter's Elementary School - Science(Science, those on the space shuttle will be "Space Miyage" and will be refunded with NASA's flight certificate)

Wandering zombie satellite, television broadcasting threatening fear: News: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Due to the overlapping science and radio waves, there is a fear that obstacles such as cable television broadcasting in the US that uses AMC 11 may be obstructed)

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