A way to make your own "Micro SIM (MicroSIM) card" that can also be used on iPad will be released

In Japan, Apple's tablet PC "iPad" is scheduled to be released late this month, but by purchasing a model incorporating 3G (3G mobile phone) communication function, browsing comfort anytime, anywhere It is possible to do.

However, in order to use the 3G communication function on the iPad, it is not a "SIM card" adopted in a conventional mobile phone, but a smaller "Micro SIM (MicroSIM) cardCurrently, it is not possible to use 3G communication even if you get an iPad, as microSIM cards are not on sale in Japan, but to overcome such a situation, you can make a micro SIM card yourself A fiercer who appeared to have appeared.

As the card itself is downsized, it can realize further miniaturization of the terminal itself, it is a micro SIM card which possibly may be adopted in various terminals including tablet personal computers and smart phones as well as iPad , It may be good to know how to make your own.

Details are as below.
How To Convert a SIM to a MicroSIM with a Meat Cleaver!

This is vodafone's SIM card (left) and micro SIM card (right).

I compared the sizes. I understand that it is totally different.

It looks like this

Introduction of homebrew method at last. With the SIM card and micro SIM card stacked on top of each other, put a kitchen knife on the SIM card and make a crease.

When folds are attached, cut the crackle and SIM card with scissors.

After cutting it is like this. The IC chip of the SIM card is cut off, but pay attention to the left side.

The point is to cut the SIM card so that the part surrounded by the red frame matches.

I will continue with Zakkori.

I cut it considerably boldly, is it really okay ...?

It was almost the same size.

Drop the Kado on the upper right and finish it.

It also enters the micro SIM card slot.

I inserted it on the iPad. I believe it is hard to believe, but I am aware of vodafone's 3G communication.

I actually tried setting and browsing.

Although it seems that it seems to take advantage of the power technique considerably, by making a hand-held SIM card a micro SIM card, it is possible to forcibly use 3G line of NTT docomo and SoftBank Mobile which iPad supports It may be quite interesting.

By the way, SIM card is loaned from the cell phone company to the end, there is a possibility that we can not receive the warranty of the product etc, so caution is necessary when using such force technique.

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