Ultra-discount Android tablet "EKEN M001" that can be bought at 10,000 yen appeared

Upon the arrival of Apple's iPad, while preparing to release competing products, Google adopted OS for mobile phones "Android" super cheap Android tablet that can be bought at 10,000 yen "EKEN M001"Has appeared.

Also, although movies actually running "EKEN M001" are also made public, despite being a model that can be purchased for 10,000 yen, I am pretty good luck.

Details are as below.
Video: EKEN M001 Android tablet for USD 100

According to this article, it is located in Shenzhen, ChinaEKENIt is said that a manufacturer named "EKEN M001" which can be purchased for $ 100 (approx. 9400 yen), which adopted Google OS for mobile phones "Android".

"EKEN M001" is a sensitive, accurate operation 7-inch WVGA (800 × 480) touch screen, easy-to-use pre-installed application, reasonably priced model, WonderMedia PRIZM MW 8505 (600 MHz) processor and wireless LAN , SDHC card slot corresponding to capacity up to 32GB, 2GB memory installed. Android version is 1.6.

A movie actually running "EKEN M001" looks like this.
YouTube - EKEN M001 7 "Android Tablet


This is "EKEN M001".

Menu screen

Speaker mounted on the bottom of the back

There are SDHC card slot, audio, microphone jack etc on the bottom side.


Menu screen to access SDHC card etc.

You can also access movie sites.

Besides being able to play games, it also supports e-books.

Although there are many things that can be reasonably priced, it is quite attractive to see "EKEN M001", but the only weakness is that batteries do not have much.

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