Videos that kept taking pictures of changes in their tooth alignment over 421 days

Even if you want to straighten your teeth, I think that many people hesitate to hesitate because it will cost quite a long time. In such a case, if you know whether or not the correction is really going on, motivation can be maintained, but one men shot their tooth alignment everyday for 421 days and summarized it in time lapse movies. I feel the mystery of the human body where the alignment of teeth changes more and more.

※ Please note that there are a lot of shocking images.

Details are below.
YouTube - Braces - Photo taken every day - Before and After Transformation.

It is this tooth that corrects first.

And the teeth here on the opposite side.

Some more on the bottom side.

The treatment starts from the upper teeth.

4th month.

Started straightening the lower teeth from the 6th month.

Eight months. The undulating underlying teeth are aligned.

Tenth month.

About 14 months have elapsed, treatment has almost finished.

Let's see again. This is before treatment.

And this is after treatment. The position of each tooth has been corrected brilliantly.

Various videos are uploaded elsewhere as well. This is a treatment record of an 11 year old girl. I am summarizing the state of treatment of 18 months in a time lapse movie.

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This is before treatment begins.

Wire will pull next to each other and change the alignment of teeth.

The younger the teeth grow faster, the greater the effect will be.

This is before treatment.

This is after treatment.

The change of the human body every day is very small, but if you take a picture like this and try animating it, you will see how your body changes. It may be interesting to apply it to a diet.

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