The Google street view car scans the wireless LAN in the street and records it, start display by the end of 2010


According to the German government's privacy data officials, Google not only shoots the streets with the Google street view car, but also scanned and recorded the individual's wireless LAN network and MAC address.

Details are as below.
Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses · The Register

Google Street View: Erfasst auch private WLAN - Digital -

Peter Schaar, German Federal Privacy Data Protector, said "frightening" when discovering this fact, and although Google has not displayed these collected data on Google Maps yet at the moment, "WiFi We want to start displaying the map by the end of this fiscal year, "Google says he wants.

By scanning and recording the wireless LAN access point name and MAC address discovered during shooting, by checking with the map shooting location by attaching it to the shooting location, "When the wireless LAN access point near here is It is expected to be displayed as "here", it seems that it is aimed at making it possible to communicate freely at the place I went out with various mobile devices equipped with wireless LAN, but from Google It remains unclear whether the fact that it is scanning data, that it is recording, and what you intend to use for it.

Ten countries in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain have already been registered on April 19,A letter requesting strict privacy protection about Google Buzz and Street ViewWe can not deny the possibility that not only in Europe but also in other countries (= scanning the access point of the wireless LAN to record the wireless LAN access point after taking a picture) is done.

By the way this is the Google street view car in Germany.


It seems that a cover is attached to the upper camera part while not shooting.


It seems there are times when you park your car by tilting the camera like this.


Looking from the front like this.


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