Driving in a way, a woman on the second day of training causes a capsize accident that flips the car upside down

Unlike Japanese driving schools that drive on the road after subject training and on-site practice, in the UK, you practice driving on the road from the beginning, but the woman on the second day of training flips the car upside down It seems to have caused an accident. In a sense, it ’s a tremendous driving that is difficult to do on purpose, but how did the accident happen?

Details are as below.

Learner driver flips instructor's car ... on her SECOND lesson Mail Online

24-year-old Krisztina Jaksa caused the car upside-down accident. Instructor Glen Berley was also in the same car, but both seemed to be able to escape unhurt.

The accident occurred in Headington Village. It is a ridiculous sight.

According to Dunne, who witnessed, Jaksa was turning the handle just before full lock, and something happened that caused him to panic and step on the accelerator instead of the brakes. The accelerated car hit the house gate and turned over.

A training car that falls wonderfully.

Jaksa doesn't remember much about the accident, and according to Russ Dunne, who was at the scene of the accident, he heard a heavy crashing sound after hearing heavy engine rotation. Russ, who discovered a car that had fallen from his door, said he was shocked to think that it was an accident caused by a strange man driving dangerously.

The car is tattered, but the two people who were riding escaped unharmed.

The police did a simple road blockade and an ambulance team was called, but no one was injured because no one was injured. It seems that drivers and instructors will not be arrested for this.

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