The Companion's Deciding Poses in the 37th Tokyo Motorcycle Show Part 2

Following Part 1, we will post photos of companions I met at

the 37th Tokyo Motorcycle Show booth.

The photo sessions were held regularly on the SYM stage, and the boldly dressed companions threw up poses and gazes that made them dazzling, and they drew attention from the venue. Part 2 will deliver a variety of attractive companions, including the stage photo session.

Details are as below.
A photo session was held on the stage set up at the booth.

A photo session was also held at this booth. Because the shooting time was short with the demonstration of the motorcycle inspection and the set time, people were rushing around.


◆ Malaguet Giappone


◆ icon



◆ sygnhouse


The part 1 which took the companion of another booth from the following.
Companions for each booth from cute to cool beauty in the 37th Tokyo Motorcycle Show Part 1

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